Letter of Encouragment to Young Christian Wives I

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Dear Young Christians Wives, As older Christian wives, we seek to be good Titus 2 women and would love very much to help you along, to help you and encourage you to keep doing the good things, the things that produce good fruit today and in the future. We would like to encourage you every day to read your Bible. First and foremost, go to the Word and feed on His bread, the …

It is Better to Take Refuge in the Lord

Cheryl Scripture Devotions

In eternal matters, salvation, and life and death man is fully impotent to assist us. To put our hope or trust in governing authorities is to place our faith in broken vessels. To do this is double-minded. But, God; God is faithful. He is not only able to help us, but He is also willing. He is faithful to His Word, and unchangeable in His promises. We must put our faith, hope, and trust in Him. Even when it seems that there is no help left on earth we must have a vibrant and robust hope that God is our help.