Parents Bless Their Children

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Let parents take what pains they please in the teaching and instructing of their families, unless their personal walk be holy, and their lives fruitful, they will do more for their destruction than their edification.

Letters to a Young Wife, from a Married Lady

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Cultivate in your heart a love of home, and home duties. Strive to make that place as attractive as possible, and do everything in your power to render it an agreeable resting-place for your husband. The daily routine of home duties, when performed in the right spirit, diffuse a feeling of cheerfulness over one’s heart that can never be found in the applause of the world, or the gratification of any favorite desire.

Prepare Your Hearts, Prepare Your Home

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Just as we prepare ourselves and our hearts for worship, we can prepare ourselves and our homes to serve our husband. Our husbands have been given as heads over us, they are our protective covering against the world, the devil, and our flesh. They are the representatives of Christ over us, and the way that we serve our husbands should be identical to how we would serve Christ himself.

Our Savior Christ Jesus Abolished Death

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It’s easy to see for anyone that watches or reads the news or has social media, that we live in a world that has little value for human life. We worship me, myself, and I, and we see children, handicapped, and the elderly as a burden and a hindrance to our lives, finances, relationships, education, and careers. We live in …