Outdo One Another in Love

Cheryl Sin

As it is with many things in the Christian walk everyday events give me cause to stop and ponder the root of my intentions. The longer I walk with Christ the more clearly I see – thankfully – growth in committing less outward sins; yet, the inner man is sinful, though I may have a desire to be obedient to the Lord, the flesh is weak and I constantly falter. These things always make me return to the truth that the Lord is gracious in saving me, slow to anger, gentle with my weakness, loving and kind, forgiving transgressions and abounding in steadfast love.

Give us Barabbas

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The world wants Barabbas. Just like Barabbas they are there to rob God with their sin – while those pleading for life are, threatened, ticketed, or led away to be imprisoned. The world cries out to be free to murder; legally, without persecution or prosecution. The world falsely accuses those that seek to share the gospel of being a danger to the world and condemns them. The world calls this justice.

Homemade Seasoned French Fries

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These fries are so easy and so versatile. You can use any seasoning you enjoy. When mine come out of the fry oil I sometime sprinkle with Siracha Salt or Chile Lime… Did I mention? Kids love these things. So good.  These go great with a hamburgers or even a hamburger patty with gravy.  4-5medium Russet Potatoes 1tsp Paprika 1 …

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

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My kids and husband really enjoyed when I made these cinnamon rolls and I did love to give them out at Christmas time. Now, my grandchildren enjoy them as well. Folks have told me they love them. You can make these the night before and after you roll out and place on pan for second rise, simply cover and put …

Turn away my reproach

Cheryl Scripture Devotions

Let us pray that we would despise all of the empty talk of the word and men as long as we are upright in the eyes of the Lord; that we would desire to obey God’s laws because they are good and they are given to us for protection and warning that we may not fall into sin and bring blasphemy and reproach to the holy name of our God.

Depending on the God who bears us up

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Just as any parent knows the moment our child crawls or walks the struggle between wills of the child and the parent really begin. This is how we can tend to behave with God. As with our children, we know that their independence can lead to danger and they are oblivious.

It is Better to Take Refuge in the Lord

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In eternal matters, salvation, and life and death man is fully impotent to assist us. To put our hope or trust in governing authorities is to place our faith in broken vessels. To do this is double-minded. But, God; God is faithful. He is not only able to help us, but He is also willing. He is faithful to His Word, and unchangeable in His promises. We must put our faith, hope, and trust in Him. Even when it seems that there is no help left on earth we must have a vibrant and robust hope that God is our help.

Potato and Onion

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This is one of our most simple and favorite meals and we have it at all times of the day. It’s really one of our comfort foods – so we eat it frequently. At it’s most simple, it is just potatoes and onions sautéed in a bit of butter or oil – bacon grease – anything you have on hand, served with Ketchup.

Quarantine Series Frugal Meals: Substitutions

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Sometime we need that one ingredient and rather than run to the store, which right now, is kind of  hard without Sometimes we just don’t have that one real planning.  So we need to find a substitute sometime, so we can continue with our baking or cooking for our families. I hope these are helpful to you they sure have been …