Psalm 115:11 You who fear the Lord

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Wherever there is faith in God, there is a holy godly fear. He is our protector and defender. Let us praise Him and honor Him with our trust and faith. Let us live in holiness and godliness that is set apart from the world. Let us think on the heavenly things and not our present troubles, for our God knows them all. Let us proclaim, “Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reins.”

Help A Momma Have A Home Birth During Covid-19

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Kevin & Vanessa are amazing, loving parents who love and follow Jesus Christ. They lead their children to love as God loves, Vanessa speaks out against abortion and holds high the sanctity of life. If you know them, you know they are some of the most selfless, giving, loving, and understanding people you will ever meet. Vanessa is due to …

Feminism: A Lie From the Beginning

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Feminism has turned mothers into cold blooded murderers. It has turned women’s hearts toward career and power and away from their husbands. It has turned countless children into the government indoctrination centers, where they learn that they have no gender and God doesn’t exist. It has taken being a woman and turned it into a power wielding, irresponsible unloving device …

Will You Go Or Must I?

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Deep down, we still want men to lead.  Though it has become politically incorrect to define gender roles or even say that gender exists, we not only long for gender distinctions (manly men and womanly women) but our society craves the traits they bring, the cultivated fires of hearth and home and the unyielding edge of warriors born for battle.  …

How The Pro-Life Movement Hates Women

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The National March for Life is being held today. The town of Washington DC has been preparing for over a week for the festivities. I say, festivities because it is a celebration. Abby Johnson and all the big-name pro-lifers, will be in attendance. Some of these pro-life celebs have been enjoying taking smiley selfies in front of the White House …

“12 considerations” on CHOOSING AN ABORTION PROVIDER

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Patte Smith – Sanctuary Ministries (30 Year Sidewalk Counselor @ Abortion Mills) I am on the mailing list of a couple of “pro-life” organizations. When I receive correspondence from them, it is always to get me to give them money. They use a lot of modern church-culture “God-words” to make them seem religious. But, when they give accounts of their …