Submission Displays God’s Created Order

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As Christians wives. we can struggle with submission.

We struggle, because of sin. God told Eve that her desire would be for her husbands position, as leader. But God assured Adam he would rule over her.

There is no egalitarianism involved. Ruling over a wife, is purely Patriarchal.

When we struggle with submission to our husbands, we are in rebellion to God’s decree.

Is it easy to submit.By no means, and that’s is why we are taught in Scripture why we must submit.

Submitting to our husband is submitting to God’s will. We submit to God first in our submisson.

This was not shocking teaching, 50 years ago, it’s shocking to many today, because so much of the worlds feminism, has been believed by the Church.

Men are not evil, nor more evil than women. We were created equal in our humanity and our depravity, but in our familial order, we are underneath the rule if our husbands. And to soften that language is to compromise, with what God had said.

I will never do that.

Times change but God does not.

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