For the Love of God, Husband, and Children

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I remember, years ago attending a women’s conference. The speaker was a wonderful, godly, older woman. Not many years older than myself. But she was a Pastor’s wife, and she blessed me, so much. I enjoyed her talks very much; I took careful notes and was so excited to hear what she would talk about, in her subsequent scheduled sessions. What did she teach? What was the theme?

Well, she taught the truths of scripture and what women’s roles in their families are. Not from her imagination. Not from her opinion but from scripture. I was entirely immersed in the teaching. However, I did take notice at one point in the conference that everyone was not happy. It was evident that this speaker’s teaching of scripture, was not what many of these ladies wanted to hear.

One woman was so convicted, she was in tears. She worked out of the home, felt the weight of the truth of scripture, and broke down. This teacher had brought biblical teaching to a group of women. And more than half rejected it or wanted there to be caveats and exceptions that they could claim as their own. And ease their conscious. But the speaker did not offer such conditions, caveats or warnings of scripture.

It has been many years, but that conference has come to my mind ,many times. The outstanding Biblical teaching, the godly teacher, and the rejection of the truth by the women at that conference.

You see, the theme that ran through the conference was that women are to be Keepers of the Home. That a woman’s role in her family is to love her husband, love him, well. Also, she loves her children well and be a joyful Keeper of the home. That did not include a “job” outside of the home, that a wife’s job is in her home.

Why is this so scandalous? Titus two gives us this command to teach to younger women. And yet, even older women balk at the teaching. Why is that? Well, a huge reason is that our hearts have replaced scripture and its validity. Let me explain. When working out of the home, a wife and mother may hear Titus two; but they interpret it, as long as they put their husband and children first in their hearts; it’s equivalent to being at home. But that is just putting their hearts, what they feel, above scripture. If they feel like their husband and children are being put first, because of finances, they think they have accomplished the equivalent, of a keeper of the home. They believe this, anyway. They believe a lie.

That is just foolishness. It is making scripture to bow to a woman’s perimeters of where she works. Discards what scripture has to say about it.

A wife and mother in the home are putting her husband and children first. She is honoring her husband and God in her obedience.

I know it’s more acceptable, even in the Church, to go with the exceptions to scripture. I know that to be rigid as scripture is not a popular course. It’s a much easier road to bash a husband or complain about our children. Folks can get on board with that, which makes everyone feel better, in their doing the same.

But, as Christian Titus two women, our course is not to be easy or comfortable. When we teach younger women, we can assume many will be unteachable or hard to teach. Pride is in abundance these days. We can all fall prey to it, can’t we? Even so, we must not shrink back from our duties, as given by God.

Your children want you, mamas. They don’t need “stuff.” They need their mama. The security, love, and nurturing that only a mama can give, is needed and commanded by scripture. Your bodily presence is what God has intended. God intended for mamas to nurse their babies, to be the provider of their babies. To thrive, they need you. You are your child’s actual lifeline. For a time,that God has established. And in that time, we pour into our children, and our husband. We create a soft, safe spot for them. Your heart is where their hearts, will be secure. You clean, and you teach to clean. You serve your husband and teach them to serve. You love them, and they will love their children, husbands and wives. You point them to Jesus.

I don’t want to make excuses for the women in Church,that roll their eyes or minimize your worth of being a Keeper of the Home. But, to be honest looking back at all the ridicule and eye rolling I saw; I think many of them were jealous. Not jealous of me staying home with my children. But somewhat jealous, that I was content at staying at home, with my children. Jealous that I loved serving my husband. They were jealous that my joy was found in my home and not somewhere else. My happiness, what I talked about, was not found outside my home.

My mind goes back to the conference of a godly woman. Pleading and encouraging a bunch of women, to love their job. To do their job, and to do it well.

Did it cause some offense? It sure did. But in that, conviction was wrought, and hearts encouraged, in what God wants from us. As wives and mamas. 

I pray that many older, godly women will stand up and step forward. There are a whole lot of younger and older women that need to learn. We need to relearn what has been lost. To walk a biblical and God-honoring path, once again. Without shame or regret. 

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