Book Review by my Husband: Masculine Christianity

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Masculine Christianity Book Review:

During and After reading the book, I came to the realization that I thought that I had a pretty good understanding of my role as the headship of my family and my marriage, and church.

When I finished the book I had to be honest with myself and came to the conclusion that I have, and am failing in my position as stated in the Bible.

I know that this book was written to proclaim a man’s role in Christianity, and My role in my home. However I became more aware of, not only my role, and the failure I have been in both  these roles.

The author points to the Bible for all the answers, and the only true source of roles of men and women.

I also became more aware that feminism has not only infiltrated our homes,  but has become a dominant influence in the church, as a whole. My awareness is more alerted to many things, I see and hear. I see and hear many pastors, elders and men in the church that have given up their position as leaders. What I mean is, they are in positions of leadership, but are led by feminism. Which in many churches today is called mutual submission, rather than Patriarchy., as stated clearly in God’s word.

Men today in the church sound no different than “men” in secular society. I now understand that the author has written a book that is meant to bring awareness to our lack of leading biblically. He has used Biblical, social and historical proofs to point out our shortcomings, and our complete failure as MEN who are supposed to be leading.

Not only in our homes, but in our churches and communities.

He points out that influential “men” in the visible church have twisted scripture to make their roles easier and softer, as not to offend.

The word of God is offensive to those who do not want to submit to GOD’S Word

The author states the facts, builds his case on God’s word, and refutes those who tap dance around verbiage to make the word of God fit their own pleasures.

The author makes no bones about the fact that the church, the leaders and the men have handed over their responsibility over to the world.

I believe that the author had lots more to write about, but knew that we could only take in the most evident short falls, without crying mercy.

I have been thinking about this book daily since I read it. I see it in my walk and in my church.

This book, even more convinced me that we need repentance in the Church in returning to scripture to guide us, and not man pleasers.


I would highly recommend this book to all men in the church.

Don martin

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