Inundated with Sexualization

Cheryl Uncategorized

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For as long as I can remember advertisements have been sexualized. Everything from toothpaste to tires featured scandalously-dressed women. They have been used to influence culture and this has mostly been achieved through the use of sexy women and sexual innuendo. These ads we may think have been targeted at men, but they were playing on a television set during daytime hours largely while children were in their government indoctrination day camps and husbands and fathers were at work, while we still had husbands and fathers, that is. Magazines in the grocery store checkouts flaunted women’s bodies and sexuality—these in particular were targeted at women. No product was off limits. A popular perfume (that I wore as childhood staple) in the 1970s was Love’s Baby Soft and the tag line was “because innocent is sexier than you think,” featuring a woman with her skirt hiked up, or a very youthful,looking-seductive girl.

These ads have been used to heavily instruct women in how we should behave provocatively, what we should be doing with our life outside of the home rather than in it, and instructing us in flaunting and sharing our sexuality. Perpetual youthfulness was sold to us as an achievement to strive after. Youthfulness mingled with sexuality. This achieved several things. It taught us that our worth was in our sexual prowess. It taught us that we were sexual objects to be promiscuously consumed, and we are reaping the benefits of that ideology today and its consequences such as unwillingness to marry and refusal to be a homemaker, as well as abortion and divorce. It also taught us that we women should likewise find other women to be for the delight of our eyes and to look upon one another lustfully and that we may partake seemingly without consequence of other women sexually.


Appearing young or staying young by keeping your teenage body into adulthood has been a targeted focal point. All of this indoctrination has also changed the way that we view men. As we have grown culturally in a desire for women to keep a body that looks like a teenage boy and take on the roles of men, we have kept our sons as little boys for far too long. Being raised by single women working it outside of the home, and public schools mostly taught by women also working outside of their homes we have cultivated a soft manhood. We have kept our boys feminine and clean shaven. They are sleek and boyish even into adulthood.


As popular movie stars age we mock the men when they get wide set jawbones and bulk to their frame, and in the same evil spirit we applaud fifty year old women for still looking twenty and behaving lasciviously. We have made not only our women think that they should always appear to be teenagers, but the men feel this pressure as well. Culture despises for a woman’s body to look softer than a man’s. It desires that we be equal in every way. Muscle for muscle it says we should be on par with men. The world overlooks that women’s bodies are designed by God for a specific purpose. Our breasts are made to produce milk, to nourish babes, to fill, and to be emptied over and over. As our wombs are also. We are made to carry the life of our own child within us and this changes our bodies. Our hips widen to distribute this weight and open wide to bear these children into the world. Our skin stretches and rips and scars. This is by design. We were made for this. This is beautiful.

While we as women have been trained with the thoughts of finding other women sexually enticing, we have likewise begun to eroticize feminine men. Now at large men that are feminine and femininely sexual are desired in our culture. Feminism has fully taken root in the culture and confusion on the sexuality of men and women is one of the fruits. Little boys growing up in single mother homes are painting their fingernails and wearing dresses. Real, manly, masculine men are not only cast out of our households but also out of the society we live in as a whole. The loud proud religious mantra of feminism is that masculinity is toxic. Masculinity is labeled as abusive when the truth is nothing is more abusive or toxic than a feminist.


Many generations later we can scarcely remember what enticed us to abandon God, our husbands, our homes, and hand over our children. It has just become the norm for us to be inundated with these perversions, and we are reaping the harvest of broken homes and sexual confusion. Tearing down our society was as simple as tearing down our houses. Trusting in God, His design, and His order is our only hope for our future in this world. This is the reason He has given marriage to one man and one woman, as well as the charge to fill the earth with godly image bearers and subdue it. We must stand firm against the evil day and stand on His Word proclaiming it to the world that is lost and dying.