The “feminized Church” Encourages Contentious, Demanding and Abusive Wives

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The “Feminized Church” Encourages Contentious, Demanding & Abusive Wives

In our current climate of the #MeToo movement we see a kind of deifying of women. What do I mean? Well, the very premise of the #MeToo movement is to #BelieveALLWomen. Believe all women, no matter the accusation. Women do not lie. Women are pure, men are evil. Women can do no wrong. Men do everything wrong. Men must repent to women for oppression, and for being men. That sounds like deifying woman to me. 

We must assume in the “feminized church” that women are above Scripture, no matter what Scripture says. This is elevating women above God. Women in the “feminized church” are not to be questioned or doubted. If you do doubt the validity of a woman’s claim against her husband, you are then an abuser, or you are at the very least “enabling abuse.” 

In the “feminized church” you will see the man or husband counseled but it is always biased to the woman. Men see this. Real men see this, real men that read Scripture in the historical biblical context, contrary to the weak men that have filtered Scripture through the ideology of feminism.

To be clear, I do put “feminized church” in air quotes because I do not believe this is a TRUE church. It cannot exist. It is contrary to God. I know for a fact God does not recognize this “church.” No actions that run contrary to Scripture are ever associated with Christ’s church. God has no union with the wicked doctrines of demons. Linking God with feminism is joining Christ with a prostitute. Not possible. God has no part in sin and cannot join with sin.

Scripture gives us clear instruction on how to handle all that is sufficient for Christ’s church. He does not ever whisper on the matters of a wife’s place (status) in the marriage, home, and in society. 

Yes, I do realize that there has been much accommodation in this “feminized church” to culture, especially in the last sixty years. 

There is a fear among men in churches that is so grievous to see. It grieves real men that fear God. Men see the sin in abusive wives, but they refuse to rebuke these wives. Now why would that ever be? Because they fear the wrath of women and not God. 

These men do not believe God’s command in their role. Tthey take on a worldly role, not commanded by God. Feminism is believing all women and always demanding the husband accommodate all his wife’s whims, demands, and tyranny. 

They have neglected what God has commanded. They have handed over their authority and masculinity to feminism. They show partiality with women, which is feminism at the root. They cower and love their personal peace and affluence. 

We are to fear God and not man. Feminism negates the role God gave men.

I only write of this now because I have watched this cancer attempt to destroy the church. I have watched as numerous elders and pastors abuse and allow women and wives to weaponize the practice of church discipline. 

I have seen women berate and abuse their husbands, even gaining allies with other family members and church members through gossip. I have seen men repent to these contentious women, only wanting to please them, even when they did nothing wrong. Think about that for a minute. They are repenting to their wives when they did nothing wrong, just to keep peace. 

I have seen women who do not care for or love their husbands and children and do not keep a home. She will not be rebuked! But I have seen wives come against their husband with the church elders and bring that man to nothing but a whining groveling, “do as I say boy,” to a place where if he does not submit to his wife, via elder command, he is brought to ruin. Total ruin. 

The abuse is elder and congregation encouraged, to the deprivation of children, wife, home and money. But “he deserves it”; he did not submit to leadership. He did not submit to feminism.

We live in a very wicked time. Very wicked. We see ‘rainbow vulgar monkeys’ at libraries, drag queen story hours, and homosexual men singing “We’re coming after your children” while the “feminized churches” sit confidently, thinking that they have done nothing to pervert God’s order. Pride is so blind. 

The “feminized church” exists only as the “prosperity gospel “exists. It exists to pervert God’s order, just as much as demented perverts marching down the street dressed like women, boasting of their wickedness. The “feminized church” is a stench in God’s nostrils.

Scripture says, “Women submit to your own husband” but the “feminized church” says “Men submit to your own wife.” When this “church” calls men to repent for being men, calls men to make their wives “happy,” or ignores sinful behavior by wives, it destroys husbands to the point of running them out of the church. We are in a very scary place. They are demonstrating further that there is no fear of God in their eyes. 

This is a perversion of God’s order. This is the same perversion of God’s order that coddles women in the murdering of their children through abortion, telling them they are “victims” of the murder. This is the same perversion that has caused “birth control,” divorce, and fornication to be covered up by the feminized church. As you can see, the perversion of feminism infiltrating the church begets more and more sin. because “you make mama mad, and you’ve seen what happens to the men, when wife goes to the elders” and they will take care of it quickly. 

Do we see the hypocrisy? Do we see the futility of real men being godly leaders and not feminist apologists? Do we see the root that produces rotten fruit? Do we see professing conservative churches feminizing men, and in turn creating hard, contentious, and abusive wives? Yes we do. 

Real men in the “feminized church” are ignored, threatened, and given the raised eyebrow and the overshadowing threat of church discipline if they do not behave like rest of the “feminist herd.” 

Church discipline is a practice commanded in Scripture but feminist men have perverted this godly practice and used it to make men “conform” to “soften men” and to cause to “assimilate.”

The true church is a church that reflects God’s Word. 
It reflects God’s Word, and does not just give lip service, but reflects the truth of God’s Word. 

The true church does not practice partiality toward women. The true church interprets the Word historically, not according to current winds in the culture.

We must be careful not to accept what we know God would reject. 

As children of God, as men and women, we are to believe all of God’s Word, and we know better not to believe what feminism has interjected into the Word. But equipped with Scripture and the Holy Spirit we discern fruit and we stand with God’s Word in ALL matters. We never give in to culture. Weak men produce hard, contentious, and abusive women. Do we stiffen our necks to ignore what we know? That makes us part of the problem. We must repent. There cannot be reconciliation without repentance.

Written by Don Martin. Audio by Shellie Martin