I Asked the Lord -Indelible Grace

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This hymn was written as a testament to a difficult time in John Newton’s life. He and his friend William Cowper had embarked on a project that was to become the Olney Hymns Collection, but not long into the project, Cowper went insane.

Encouragement for Battle Worn, Christian Women

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Not because at any minute, I believe I may just turn around and head down the broad path, Oh dear, no. It’s hard, and at the same time I know I can give up, but God will be there. He will hold me, sustain me, and make me battle ready, again. I cannot leave him. I can assure you, He has quite a firm grip on me. Body and soul. When I am down, sorrowful and my eyes cannot help but continually fill with tears, there is no “giving up”.

The Alpha Wife vs The Christian Wife

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You will find the audio to this blogpost at the end of this article. Thank you for visiting. Alpha Wife vs The Christian Wife As my husband and I researching a book that we are writing, we came across the term, Alpha Wife. We were very intrigued because we had never heard the term, but quickly found the term quite …


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This article appears on this blog by permission of writer and owner of article Original article found here at https://ericconn.com/11-biggest-lies-feminists-tell-about-patriarchy/ By Zach Garris and Eric Conn. The patriarchy has fallen on hard times. Feminists (evangelical and otherwise) blame patriarchy for all of society’s ills, and even most conservatives seem to be allergic to the word. So why would we defend patriarchy? …

Freedom in God’s Design For Sex

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To listen to the audio version click here: https://anchor.fm/patriarchywife/embed/episodes/Freedom-in-Gods-Design-For-Sex-e149q37 The sign over the famous Auschwitz death camp proudly proclaimed that work makes you free. Anyone can look back through time at the evidence and see very clearly that this was rank deception. The labor performed under the most cruel means in this institution had the intended end of a horrific …

Sermon on the Duties of a Christian Woman, 1851

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Sermon on the Duties of a Christian Woman, 1851 The Market Revolution brought a hardening of gender roles in both the North and the South, but the South tended to hold more tightly to the expectation of “separate spheres.” In this sermon, Rev. Aldert Smedes of Raleigh, North Carolina, praises the virtues of women and explains the duties of a …

The Feminist Myth of Equality in Christian Marriage

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I know well that when God created man and then woman He did so with the man as the head and the woman as the helpmeet. Hebrew  ezer ke-negdo; i.e., “a help as his counterpart” = a help suitable to him), a wife (Genesis 2:18-20). Once we understand the inequalities in marriage, we come much closer to understanding God’s purpose …