Real Men and Real Women: The Ancient Idea

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I recommend this video highly and every video of Elisabeth Elliot’s. It is wonderful biblically sound teaching for women. She was a sweet, resolved, woman of God. She has a quote in this video that I think will stick with me. She says referring to Scripture “I get all my cues from this book”

Elisabeth was a precious gift to the women of God at a time when the church was giving up so much ground to feminism and her biblical views were and are very contrary to a culture that rages against God. I hope you are blessed as much as I am by her ministry.

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  1. Thank you ! I’m going to watch it. Also I’m single young women looking for marriage so any advice and encouragement in the area that I mean few adhere to biblical roles and in that few mainly are complementarism and I dont want to marry a complemetarian but one that believes in biblical patriarchy (not only want someone who dont sugar coat God’s word but also thinking in my future children who I want they know the truth and see it with their own eyes that is something good )but sometimes it seems that there is none (especially since in my country the majority of evangelicals are pentecostal )and therefore I should just be content if I got a man who believe complementarism.

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