Satan Didn’t Keep His Place

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Satan Didn’t Keep His Place

Satan did not keep his place. Satan pressed Jesus to leave His place. Satan wants the woman to leave her place. The Bible says a woman’s place is in the home. This is primarily a physical location where she creates nurture for her family and support for her husband…but it is the support and nurture that are paramount, not the location. It is the focus of women on how they can help their husband achieve what they want to achieve and not the other way around. 

It is the focus of mothers on their children and not leaving it to nurses and teachers to do, changing worldview and attachment continually. Many people say that older women should be able to abandon the home if they no longer have children. In essence, perhaps they mean that older women should teach the younger to be home and husband/family focused by not being that themselves? They say that if a husband encourages a wife to leave that she has no obligation to stay. 

It is as if possibly God’s direction that a wife be husband-focused and child-focused doesn’t matter? We all want our girls to thrive and do well. When we look around and see what that looks like in our world, we see not only unlimited potential before them but unlimited access and support. We believe in their strength and want to see them exercise their minds and wills to overcome any adversity, to gain any role. Our belief in our girls is good, although it is sometimes misplaced. 

We tax them by making them defend our country, lead our state and our nation, pastor our churches, and bear equal weight in provision for the family. We destroy the very strength we admire. We curtail their inborn ability by the direction we push that ability. And we turn them out of their place. Our worldview about women is so corrupted that we think women in the military, women police officers, and women pastors and legislators are all good things. In such a world, it is no wonder we have transgenderism. 

And it is no wonder we have women striving for these things. Satan has us besieging the ‘woman’s place’ through taunts and mockery and cause them to want to strike from their mean position. We starve them in word, thought, and deed in our culture, churches, and schools. If they will obey, they must often do it desolate and alone, always asked when they will do something worthwhile? In desiring to kill children, Satan wants to cut off their strength… which is their mother. 

In desiring to thwart man’s strength, direction, purpose, and will, he leads them to set up woman in the hard place of risk and leadership. He leads them to glory in the shame of women in these roles, while decrying it a little but not really much minding it. They have given up their obligation to lead. 

It is up to all of us to lead. It is up to all of us to lead in the direction God wants. It is up to all of us to say God created boundaries and roles for a reason and that is GOOD. When we are ashamed of God’s words He will be ashamed of us. Our failure to uphold God’s standard IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. May we have humble hearts and turn back where we have failed.