Displaying God’s Creation in Our Femininity

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He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” ~ Matthew 19:4-6 ESV

Much of our society tells us that there are many genders and that gender is a social construct. Last time I read they were saying there are fifty-seven genders, which at first glance, we all know is ridiculous. But gender does not mean “biological sex,” it simply means “identifies with.” 

If someone identifies as an animal, then poof, they are to be addressed and treated as such. And in saying this and more ridiculous notions, they shake their fist at God’s Truth that He created only Male and Female, that God called this Good. The world calls it “hateful and bigoted.”

Sadly, history has shown that Christians, are pretty ‘okay’ with the whole feminism thing. With two incomes, daycare, and public school, it was a no brainer. After all, we do not want to stand out like a sore thumb, do we?  We want to go along with culture, and ALL of feminism is not ALL bad. Insert the serpent here saying, “Did God really say?”

And that is where we forget, conveniently, I think, what Scripture teaches about our being created female. Scripture does not adapt to the culture. Scripture tells us that we are to conform to it, not the world. 

But we so often forget and must be reminded that God has created us female, that in so doing our gifting is our femininity. He has ordained this in His creation. Our being a ‘weaker vessel’ is part of the beauty of what God has made us. In His Creation, in making man, He bestowed and blessed man with masculinity and leadership. Men are given strength physically that we are not. After all, Adam was given the task to name all the animals, He was given the authority to rule over the woman.

And yes, I know at first when we hear “he was given authority to rule over the woman,” we have this inclination to qualify and make disclaimers; it is not because we should, but because feminism has that much poisoned our minds to view God’s Word as something other than holy, pure, and true. It is our minds and not God’s Word that need correction and rebuke. We must remember this.

In much the same way, we seem to be inclined to make God’s Word more appealing to a world that is running away from God. Why?

Because of sin, sin that we need to repent of. We see the road becoming more and more narrow, and it sometimes scares us. We see ourselves more and more coming against a world that is poised to come hard against Christians. We see Pastors being arrested and fined for opening their churches, while strip clubs are left alone.

In this we see what is plain. We see real persecution coming; we know it. And in thinking we can avoid it for longer by compromising, in that thinking we only make it harder, if not impossible, if we do not stand resolved now.

Our hearts, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, cannot abide with lies. We know God made us female and able to carry and bear children. He has commanded us to love our husbands and children, to be keepers of the home, chaste, meek, and modest in dress and behavior. All of these giftings of womanhood the world scoffs at without mercy. The world seeks to snatch these special blessings from us. They seek to lie to us that these blessings are curses. And many have believed the lie; 61 million abortions have been procured by mothers. Divorce is at a rate of one out of every two, even in the Church. Daycares are brimming with Christians’ children and public schools are filled with Christians children being taught doctrines of demons. 

We are God’s Creation. Created for Man , from man. While this does not bode well with the world, and many professing Christians, this is God’s created order. To deny these truths of God’s creation is to join the world in its futile attempt to dethrone God Almighty.

When we embrace our womanhood in all that God has gifted us, we are glorifying God in doing so. We are believing God. To be feminine is to portray God’s Creation to the world. In our clothing we display our face and the beauty of being feminine. In our speech and actions we proclaim to the world our love for the way God made us, not contrary to our hearts but wholly united to Christ and the teaching of His Scripture.

We mostly display in our lives that we are learning to be settled in our submissive, meek, and willing spirit (heart) to learn and not compromise at the feet of Jesus.

In this I encourage you to go to the Scripture, wrestle if you must, with the feminism in your heart. We all must do this. We all must go to the Word, afresh Seek God’s will and not the will of man. So much distortion and twisting of the Scriptures has affected our thinking. Be a Berean. Discard the worthless things. It is okay to be a woman. It is more than okay, it is your mandate by God. Embrace, enjoy, and live like a woman of God that is distinct from the world. 

A woman of God who cares about honoring God in your femininity and in serving your husband and family in a way only you can. In that you glorify God. Discard the lies of the evil one and love all that God has set before you; make it beautiful as only you can do, in your femininity, in your home decorating, in the garden and maybe flowers you love to display. Do it in your tender voice as you read to your child, in the sweet concern and touch  that only you can give to your child that has his little heart broken. Do it in everything you do.

Your identity is in Christ who created you Female. 

God made you that way, enjoy and glorify Him in it.

 [JC1]Making men plural because women was plural at the beginning.

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  1. It is best to just avoid using the word “gender” except for in its original grammatical sense, of whether a word is male, female, or neuter. There are only two genetic sexes in humankind. But words don’t have sex, they have a gender, and there are more than two. So when speaking of people or animals it is better to speak of their “sex”. I believe that using the word “gender” regarding people just confuses the issue. And that is why the adversary started using it, to obscure the truth about our two distinct sexes.

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