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Some, or I should say many people, men and women, have referred to feminism as a cancer. And I have begun to think a lot about that comparison. Cancer is a dreaded, misery-wrought disease. If caught early it may be cured, but if left untreated it will kill the person. Wow, we can safely say that cancer and feminism are a good match. Feminism does the same. While it does not kill the actual person, it can be argued that it kills the soul, marriage, family, and church, and like cancer it eats away at God’s order. I call it Patriarchy because it is God’s order. Men are at the top of this hierarchy, women and children are underneath, as supporting, helping, and assisting, but never rising to lead. The men lead in accordance with God’s Word. Nothing more, nothing less.

Feminism. (Think of this like a section header, if you want that.)

The cancer of feminism has even permeated the church. And even the pulpits. This realization for myself has been an especially grievous one. But alas, feminism is even in our most lauded conservative church fellowships. 

It you are in a Church that embraces feminism but do not really know it, or have not thought about it, I will give you some tell-tale signs.

  1. If for the Mother’s Day sermon you are praised but on Father’s Day the men are rebuked, you may be in a feminist church 
  2. If you are taught “mutual submission,” you may be in a feminist church 
  3.  If the pulpit calls women who get abortions “victims,” you may be in a feminist church 
  4. If you are taught your husband should make you happy, you may be in a feminist Church 
  5. If your husband is taught to live with you in an understanding way (which is good) but then you are told “we know what you have to put up with ladies” concerning your husband, you may be in a feminist church
  6. If you are taught that you can have it all, that you can work out of home with your children at daycare, you may be in a feminist church

These are just to mention a few. But these are a good indication of feminist thought that has been adopted.

Feminism is not just a boogie man that is out there in the world, it is among us. Feminism’s cancer spreads so quickly and is so invasive that many of us do not know how bad we have been infected. I have spoken (with my husband) to many Pastors that after talking to them, we realized that their worldviews were in large part, extracted from worldly feminist philosophies and not from God’s Word. These are conservative, mostly Bible-believing, Bible-preaching Churches.

That is depressing, isn’t it? How do men lead if feminism is at the helm of our Churches, when the Church is pushing a legalistic gospel that is no gospel at all? They teaching men that they better do this and do that, but never applying biblical orthopraxy. Instead, they teach a form of therapeutic feminism that does not hold women accountable but rather blames men, and specificaly husbands, for everything.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but if Pastors are teaching men and women, husbands and wives, in a manner that does not reflect what God actually says, aren’t they teaching contrary to God’s Word? I know, I get it, the world is hostile out there. Wickedly hostile. But we still do not compromise Scripture, no matter how hard it gets. If we are going to compromise Scripture to make it easier on us in this wicked world, we can be pretty sure we need to examine our faith to see if we are even in the faith.

We as Christians do not want to soften the message, neither do we seek to harden the message. As in our attitude or delivery. But make no mistake, God’s Word is offensive to this wicked and twisted generation. And as we look out into the world today, we cannot imagine it getting much worse. Not to be negative, but in all reality, it can get much worse. And at the same time, we can trust our Savior to bring us through the mess we are in and whatever comes in the future. 

Feminism and its adherents already know how feminist the Church is, and they are pleased. Very pleased. To think that all of feminist ideals of the 1800s was rejected by most Churches, and then fast forward and see where we are at is heartbreaking.

We are female, we are very much sinners. We are as much sinners as our husbands. We are not given a pass and God will not let us pass into heaven because we are women. We will stand before God alone. We, as our husbands, will be accountable before God. And yet, many Pastors give women the impression that everything that is wrong is their husbands fault. They do not have the spiritual backbone to counsel biblically without partiality. And why is this? One word: Feminism.

The cancer of feminism cannot be cured until it is fully repented of and the formerly feminist Churches return to a biblical worldview of husbands, wives, homes, children, etc. We cannot use feminism as a starting point. That would distort God’s Word. And that would be wicked.

Join me in praying for Christ’s Church, that there would be a New Great Awakening, that the Church would repent of tolerating child sacrifice and for calling women victims for committing murder. That we would fall on our face before our Holy God, in repentance, for rejecting His order and exchanging it for a lie. A lie that is more accepted in a wicked world. Because the father of lies is going to a fro on this earth. Rejoicing in the lies that are offered and believed, but our Lord is the Author of Truth, we are in Christ. If we are in Christ, we reject lies. Lies cannot exist alongside truth. That is a deception of the evil one. That we can mix darkness and light. Light overtakes the darkness, never the other way around.

We must strive to honor God in everything. We do not honor God by apologizing for His Word or by changing His doctrines and definitions to accommodate the culture. We do not honor God by accepting teaching that does not honor His Word. I hear “but it’s such a small issue,” or “We shouldn’t make an issue about it.”  

These are scary statements, and by their own words, there is no fear of God before their eyes.

When God saves us, He gives us His Spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell with lies. 

Example: Beth Moore desires to be Preacher. Her desire is manifest in her words and is contrary to the teaching of God. She has revealed herself over and over, especially as of late, to be against God and not for Him.

We have been in feminist Churches. When we came out of the “seeker sensitive” movement in 2005 and came into the Bible Church we thought this would end. It did not. But God gives us His Word, wisdom, and all we ask and His Spirit. He will lead us to Churches that teach His Word unapologetically. If you are in a feminist Church, trust Him. He will lead you out. He did for us. 

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