Gender Confusion and Our Republic.

Arlene Uncategorized

Kristi Noem has good public policy. But she promotes gender confusion and is a terrible role model for women. 

Let it be said.

Amy Coney Barrett will not abolish abortion (as we wish) and will not even stand against homosexuality, yet is the chosen God-send of the Republican party. We are so hoodwinked by the game played with our own policies yet our hopes lead us on still. BUT, additionally, and more importantly, let it be said that Amy has also chosen to not invest her own precious time into her special needs child and the others, but rather to spend her time and years pursuing an extensive public career.

These women SAY they promote family values. And, of course, family values are GOOD—though what they are exactly is quite up for grabs—to the extent that we understand what they are. As Jesus said to His disciples: “Do what they say, not what they do.”

Kristi’s husband Brian has a little box holding a replica of his one suit in the statehouse. Why? Because he only has one suit, as most men. Why yet again? Because we must needs follow the example of First Ladies who have their gowns remembered and modeled, and we must have a First Gentleman now, instead of a First Lady. 

There is no difference, right? I mean, men can be the glory of the women just as women are naturally the glory of their men?

Kristi says that Brian is not only mother to their children, but everything else to them as well. Why? Because motherhood is actually a full-time job, if it is done well. Someone has to be there to invest the time or the job does not get done, just like being the executive in a state or any other public office. It IS more important that mothering is done well by someone, certainly, than by no one at all. It is better than being done by the government schools. Fathers can definitely be the most influential person in their children’s lives, no matter the paradigm. They rather represent God in many ways to them! 

But “Mother?” We are simply being honest. 

Walmart carried a shirt recently that read, “Women will save the world.” It was a goofy shirt, only it really struck home that everyone truly believes this. We really long for women to step in and save things. We are greedy. We are selfish. We truly DON’T care about children or families. We would rather have our women in power than a mother by the bedside of her special needs child. We would rather glorify Kristi Noem as chief executive of a state, and typify her as having the testicular fortitude to stand against tyranny, than have her fill the role Jesus would have for her in caring for her little ones. 

We are in the sea, tossed about by winds and waves. We are seeking for someone to save us. Someone beautiful! Someone feminine! And the ROCK is… over there. That Rock of teachings where good societies and families are built is OVER THERE.

The ways and means God has for saving nations are not our own. 
Repentance does not look like our “choice” but rather like our obedience.

There is a tremendous growth understanding in recent years about our Republic (versus a Democracy) and what it means to have one. We are not simply governed in the framework laid by our Founders, by the whim and will of the people—which is as changeable as sin—or rather, as changeable as the government school system chooses. We are a nation of checks and balances. Indeed, with more layers of checks and balances than any nation previously in all of human history. The famous quote of Benjamin Franklin is that we have a Republic “if we can keep it.” 

This Republic relies upon the judiciary at the federal level staying in its lane (it is not). It relies upon the state government staying in its lane (it is bought off and miseducated and will not). It relies upon the branches of state and federal being strong and functional. Otherwise the Republic collapses and we devolve into a one or two layer government, like all of the tyrannical governments modeled after Plato’s Republic. (Think one layer in power, the other subservient. The French Revolution: one layer of people saving the people from themselves.) But the trick to keeping this glorious thing called the American Republic and keeping tyranny at bay is people keeping in their lanes. Roles being filled well and one role not filling another role. Many people wonder how to get back to this? 

I put forward that our nation is also dependent on overcoming gender confusion of roles. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation and we have turned women into saviors and the cradle over to the government. Then we backtrack and say, “No, we won’t give them to the government anymore.”

But we also have a really hard time understanding WHERE women are crucial. It has become so normal for women to abandon the home that we do not blink an eyelash; we even hope they will work to restore the home and the Republic while they do so.