A Discontented Wife Makes for A Miserable Life

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Are you expecting your circumstances to change before you become content? Do you say to yourself that if he would only do this or she wouldn’t do this, or if we lived here, or I could buy this or that, then I would be happy?

Well, hard truth here. Are you ready for it? If you say anything close to those things, you are lying to yourself, lies that are causing you to want for what you don’t have, and in the process make everyone, including yourself, miserable. But who do you blame, mostly everyone else or your circumstance for your discontent? The truth is that you and your discontented heart are causing the misery in the home.

Ladies, I cannot begin to tell you how many women I have spoken with over the years that start with a simmering discontent before marriage and that discontent goes into a full boil during marriage. Why? Why do we have to be discontent? Because of sin, we don’t want to let it go. We hold on to same sins because we are truly blind to them. The heart of the matter is the heart. Isn’t that where we must start?

Jeremiah 17:9 

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”

To start at the heart we must read Scripture, seeking the Lord in prayer, asking the Lord to reveal the sins of our heart to which we are blind, like discontentment. Women are very cunning. We know this, right? We can rationalize anything, and we do, even discontent. We externalize our sin of discontent, really blaming others for our very sin.

Contentment is not found in people, things, circumstances, or locations. No, it never has been. It is only found in the sweet, abiding confidence in the Providence of God. Why do we waste so much time fretting, anxious and trying to manipulate our circumstances to finally be happy (contented)? It is because we haven’t believed God, we have believed our deceitful hearts. Many times, we refuse to be teachable.We refuse what is best for us. We refuse to be comforted.

Do not waste all of your time and your family’s time being miserable, waiting for the “perfect” circumstances. Because, dear, they never will come. Never. Those circumstances don’t exist. Oh, sure you think they do, and I once did also, and you put more faith in the “only if’s” than you ever put in God, that you allow your heart to deceive yourself. Reject your heart. Don’t follow your heart. Follow God. Trust God.

Love you husband and family. Give them the joy of the Lord. They don’t deserve the misery a discontented heart always brings. 

Every morning when you rise, you make the decision to either be miserable or to be content, to trust a deceitful heart or trust God from whom all blessings flow. Be thankful, even when you don’t “feel” thankful.

Your heart is where is starts. Everything you say and do flows from that.

Go to Scripture. Take the time. Make it a priority for you. When your heart is settled in contentment, when you are at peace, you not only are a happy person, but when you are truly content, your husband and children will benefit from a wife and mama who rests in Jesus. Discontentment too often causes strife in the home.

“True contentment is absolutely essential to happiness. There is a plant called selfishness, and if you will pull it up by its roots you will find that it grows in the soil of misery. Were self completely renounced, and Christ fully received as all in all, sorrow would be so sweetly accepted by us that the sting of it would be taken away. We must be satisfied with what God appoints, or else we shall be constantly the prey of discomfort and the victims of disappointment.”

~Charles Spurgeon

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