God Has Given Children as a Blessing to Learn How to Love Him

Cheryl Uncategorized

As Christians we are appalled and rightly so at the Marxist ideology being pushed by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their openly voiced attack on the nuclear family. Sadly though, many Christians do not even condone the nuclear family, much less anything above 2.5 children. They are unaware how much they have been influenced by evil.

Our newsfeeds are flooded with photos and videos of people behaving badly as tempers flare into frenzied rage. At times we are seeing people commit unspeakable acts of evil. We can find it difficult in ourselves to find mercy or compassion on the people that we see behaving in such ways or committing these acts. It rightfully gives us a fear for future generations, often making us hope that their children, if they have any, do not follow in their paths.

Their behavior is not very different than that of the parents that are leading their children to death at abortion clinics. With even the most angry and violent people at the clinics we must stand firm asking them to love their child by having mercy and compassion on their preborn son or daughter by letting them live. We must tell them that God has given them this child in the womb as a blessing and a heritage. Their child is their neighbor and ours and we are all called to love our neighbor. This baby is not a curse to them or to the world.

This growing anger and evil in the world that expresses itself in hatred for God and neighbor rather than love has been greatly influenced by eugenics. Time Magazine named Margaret Sanger one of the most influential people of all time. The hatred in our society for every man, woman, and child made in the image of God testifies to the absorption of this ideology into our values, or lack thereof.

Eugenics promises a false hope that the great sin of bringing people into the world that will be delinquents or criminals can be curbed. That we can rid ourselves of the national habit of human waste. It says that it is sin for the poor, undesirable, ignorant, infirm, feeble-minded, idiots, or morons to be born. Accusing that the physically and mentally defective have no chance of being a human practically. This eugenics ideology has contributed to 60,000 forced sterilizations in order to prevent these “human weeds” from being born. Eugenics promises a healthy trouble-free life of ease. It invites you to find peace in evil rather than peace in Christ.

As we see evil and injustice in the world it is very proper, necessary in fact, that we speak out against it and point to the truth of God’s Word. We have been given the mind of Christ and we are able to judge rightly with equity. As we do this we must guard our hearts and minds by not allowing bitterness and hate to take root in us. Even where we have righteous anger for the person that acts wickedly we are still called to have hope that Christ would save them. For even the most despicable sinner there is hope.

It is easy to see that this design and way of thinking is against God. The problem is that the world’s ideology that hates children has influenced the individual Christian and the church at large. When we see people act evil and unjustly our first thought should not be I pray that God does not bless them or this world with their child bearing. We can stand against evil, ideologies, and injustice without espousing evil ourselves. If we can’t we aren’t really any different than they are.

If you can not find in yourself to love these people that offend you in the world today, you will never be able to stand at an abortion clinic and say I am here because I love you and love your baby. If you can’t handle someone ranting and raving on the screen of your phone, you will never be able to love them when they rant and rave in your face. Even worse, as you see people doing these immoral behaviors, if you think and say things such as “Please don’t allow them to have children,’ or “Let’s hope they have no children.” This effectively says I hope this undesirable child is never born. If you say things like this you are continuing in the tradition of Margaret Sanger.

I have many friends with large families and I am saddened when they share with me that people make comments such as:

-better you than me,

-you know that’s really bad for your body to be pregnant so many times (family of 5),

-you sure have your hands full (family of five),

-what are they going to do if she gets pregnant again (family of four),

-Have you heard of a hysterectomy (family over 10),

One mother shared with me that the most hurtful comments have come from the church. What a failure that Christians that share this same destructive mindset and hatred for children! This shows that rather than the church pushing back darkness we are a lamp with a basket over it. If the church feels like this about children how can we expect the world to feel? How can we expect unbelievers to not want to murder their own preborn babies?

If you have ever said things like this ask yourself this right now. Which children are worthy of being born? Children of minorities, handicapped children, those conceived in rape? How about the children of the person in your news feed going stark raving mad screaming in police officer’s faces? Should only people that are in Christ have children? Should only people that you agree with have children? How about only people that behave morally upright? Because if your response is that those persons should not have the blessing of children then I worry that you may not understand God at all. Could you sincerely tell them that God has given them this child as a blessing to learn how to love Him if you don’t really believe that their child should have been born?

Please understand that there has never been a child born on this earth that was not born to a sinner. Every person on earth has been given the mandate to be fruitful and multiply. This is the means by which God is preserving creation until the final judgement. There are Christians who do not actually believe that children are a blessing. Are you one of them?