The Light of Nature Testifies

Cheryl Uncategorized

The law of God is written on the hearts of man. There are certain things that we all know it is wrong to do. We know that it is wrong to lie, wrong to steal, and wrong to unjustly kill others. A person does not have to know God to know that these things are evil. Even Creation testifies to this in the mind of the creature (Cf. Romans 1″).

Recently we were ministering at the abortion clinic. We were holding signs with graphic victim images and a young man quickly stopped as he was driving down the street and asked us what we were doing.  Most frequently when people do this it is to let us know how they feel and what they think about us being out there. This gentleman was being truly sincere, and he was quite shocked and had never seen or heard anything like this.

That may be hard to believe living in America we are inundated with abortion propaganda by the time we are adults. It is in television shows, movies, books, magazines, schools, music, and billboards. Abortion information, both for and against, is everywhere. My husband and I both responded to questions, explaining that we were exposing what was happening behind closed doors in the building that we were standing in front of.

The young man asked, “Why don’t people do something to stop this. Nobody cares. What can I do to help?”. With tears in his eyes he asked, “Do you think this can be ended?” I asked him if he was a Christian, and he said that he was a Sikh. I explained to him that only God is able to bring this slaughter to an end, that man’s heart is wicked and desires to kill. He was so hurt. I felt the maternal urge to hug him in his pain at all that he had just learned.

We gave him lots of information for his learning journey, and encouraged him to come and see us again. After parting ways it has given me much thought to meditate on the Lord, the law written on our hearts, and the light of nature. I thought that it was astounding that the young man didn’t immediately respond with propaganda such as, Isn’t it a mother’s choice to kill her baby in the womb? He reacted as any sane person should at the bloody and mangled body of a tiny baby. He didn’t call it a blob of cells, heeven though never having seen such an atrocity—knew that it was a human baby, and he found it horrifying.

This reminded me very much of the innocence of children. They haven’t been poisoned with the world’s rallying cries to kill. The first time a child sees a victim image they almost always ask, “What happened to that baby?” This is regardless of the gestational age of the baby. Within my own family, explaining to the children that sometimes mommies do not want the baby to grow in them, sothey make them stop by doing this. There is always shock, and many forms of their asking why, just trying to understand how this could possibly be.

The explanation of course differs from child to child, being sensitive to their age and level of understanding. When children hear this, they are always confounded. They never find it acceptable. They don’t ask, “Well, what if the child would have been poor, or in foster care?” They never ask me how many kids I have personally adopted, or what I do about “kids in cages” at illegal immigration detention centers. Children know that mommies should not kill their babies. Even creation testifies that mothers are to love, nurture, and protect their children. Even the preborn in the womb.

This is an indictment against the church. This testifies against those Christians that claim the name of Jesus Christ, while making exceptions for those that kill their babies. Even unbelievers know that this is evil. Those that have the truth of scripture and claim to know God can not have peace with child sacrifice. They can not make justifications for this being okay. It does not matter if the child will be sick, poor, or was conceived in incest or rape. There is simply no reason for killing our children. We must align our thoughts and our actions with the Word of God, and stand in the face of the evil of this day, holding those back that are stumbling to death and rescuing those that are being led to the slaughter.