Women of God: Discern the Feminist False Teachers

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Here we are the year 2020. Oh! What a year it has been. Can we all attest to that? The year came in innocently enough and then, as it progressed, we find ourselves at times pleading with God to come and rescue us. This year has been hard y’all. It really has been a growing time in my faith, and has not always been comfortable either.

This year has been one trial after another, and to be honest, it has not been made easier when I look to the women that should be helping, guiding and instructing the women of God, when I see them saying extra and contra biblical things, I just get furious. I get a righteous anger that I can only akin to a mother when her children are being threatened physically. I can’t sit back and let them lead women, women looking for comfort, women of God, leading them astray.

But here in the middle of 2020 you have women such as Jen Wilkin, as she continues to deliver her feminism in small bites in her podcasts and books. She has been under the radar, because I believe, that is her intention. Her teaching is very carefully cloaked in emotionalism and feminism. Her teaching manipulates the listener into accepting her version of teaching the Bible in her own feminist construct. Below is a very blasphemous clip of one of her many conferences, that she makes a very good living at.

Below is an article where Wilkin wants to convince us that men and women must be friends in the Church. Oddly, she doesn’t recognize that she makes a case against the very practice and then basically says “go ahead , be risky” Insert (eye roll here)


This is blasphemy. And there are many other examples of her teaching. Her teaching puts women above men. Wilkin wants men and women married or single to have opposite sex friends.

Wilkin does not teach the bible faithfully, she teaches it with feminism forced into it. She can’t help it, that is what she teaches. Her material is out there, she is not hiding it, and no one is calling her on it. Why? Because, the men in the Church are afraid of women like Wilkin. She should be under church discipline for her twisting of scripture, but no, she gets book contracts, celebrates on social media of another book coming out ,and alas, all is well with the world. (Sarcasm)

Ladies, please stay away from her and warn other women to do so, also. If your womens bible study is teaching her material. Study to show your self approved. Her stuff is out there. Listen, watch, take notes and go to your husband and consult with him that you are very concerned that which Wilkin is teaching. Use your discernment. Obey God and don’t worry about the approval of man or women.

“Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right.” — Charles Spurgeon

Christine Pack is, I think a former discernment blog, writer. I do know she is on twitter and fb spreading and selling her feminist wares. And I will tell you this, she is a full fledged, feminist. She loves her gender and she will fight tooth and nail to ensure women are elevated above men. She attacks good bible male teachers and she hates God’s order of Patriarchy. She speaks out of both sides of her mouth . She mostly spews trash talk about God’s order and then throws in that she is a “conservative and women should submit to their own husband. She sides with such feminists as Aimee Byrd (will get to her in a bit) and her twitter has been known to be liked by abortion mill deathscorts. She deflects that this development was because of a discussion with Pastor Spurgeon (Byrd bold review below) and the pro aborts liked her status because she was slandering the Pastor, and she does not even see the sadness of them agreeing with her.

That alone will tell you who her message is attractive to. She claims the Patriarchy causes abuse. History is so clear that before feminism marriages lasted, STD’s were no where near epidemic proportions, fornication almost nil, husbands worked hard outside the house and women made homes and tended to house and children. Society was healthier and happier. Christine Pack, joins Wilkin in her disdain for God’s holy Word. Why else would she choose to accommodate it to her worldly “Christian” feminism. I asked her to answer some questions, she deflected and then she blocked me. She could not argue against Patriarchy being good for society. The feminists never can argue with that , because it is true. It’s baby steps, the feminists always earn your ear and then they start gradually eating away at what God has said. Serpent style. Pack, slanders God’s order and creates one out of feminism.

Lastly, we come to Aimee Byrd. Aimee Byrd has wrote a book where she laments on its pages that she is Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. I didn’t read the book. I won’t pay good money for worthless tripe any longer. I refuse to make these women money from such God hating material. The last book I reviewed on here is “Beyond Submission” and that book made me sick. Truth, ladies, I am telling you the truth.

I do have a review on this blog by a trusted Pastor here. https://thejoyfulpatriarchywife.com/2020/06/25/will-someone-love-aimee-byrd/

Please don’t hessite to ask any questions below in the comment section, or concerns you have, I will be happy to answer them.

As an older woman in the Lord, I am continually looking at what women “out there” are teaching to younger women, to all women.

Scripture is clear that women are the weaker sex. And I surely can attest to that fact how hard and long my husband can work, and I putter out and can’t keep up with him.

He is stronger in his gender, God given, intended. I can fall apart in pieces in tears and he is always even keel and reasonable. Should I feel less because of that? Never. God made us with all of our emotions, and fragile sensibilities. These things make us God’s unique creation that men cannot mimic and in this day, nor should they want to. We should encourage our men in their leadership of our homes. Even if it isn’t our way, we should respect our husbands.

Because, we as wives were made by God to be taken care of by men, our husbands. To be protected and provided for. Our weakness is part of our femininity, and that is beautiful. Not ugly. Feminists want to mimic men in their strength and in doing so they are no different than a transgender male, a women pretending to be a man. Surpressing her female attributes God has given her to act out and play the man. It’s not possible. This is what makes feminists and transgenders so bitter and angry. They shake their fist at what God has created and they cannot recreate or imitate.

If you have any of these women as teachers, I ask that you go and listen and read their material and as you read their material read the Word of God even more. Pray that God would give you discernment in false teaching. Pray that God would give you wisdom. He has promised to give wisdom abundantly, if only we ask. 

Ladies this is perilous time and we must, if we love the Lord, to walk the mine field that is evangelicalism today. It is dangerous and it is filled with those that hate God. Their teaching speaks for itself. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God did not change with the ratification of feminist resolution in 1848 but you would think He had with all the feminist teaching rampant in the Church today.

Some resources for your review:

Wilkin does not get to “redefine” any of scripture

Jen Wilkin as Christine Pack and Aimee Byrd, elevate women above men. They have no authority by God to do so. They must repent. 

Byrd, Pack as Wilkin seek to “redefine” that which God has defined. These are wicked Jezebels that seek to destroy Christ’s Church and set up a Temple of idolatry to women. They all have a lot in common, they are women and they reject God’s order. Mark them and avoid them. Warn others to do the same.