Titus 2 Women in Training

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I am a Titus 2 woman. I am 56, my children are grown, and I have grandchildren. In September, my husband and I will be married for 38 years. When I write for this blog, I first and foremost profoundly seek to glorify God in all I write. And that what I write, reflects, esteems and lifts up the Word of God as my Supreme Authority on all matters. This is so important. We cannot ever forget or forsake the written Word even in fear of persecution or death. Yes, it’s that important, Ladies.

I was thinking as I was cleaning and organizing here recently. As women, we can’t just clean, wheels are always turning. Right? I thought about being young and married and not growing up in a Christian home, what would I wish I could have learned from a Titus 2 woman. An older woman, teaching me to love God, my husband and my children. And all that entails. What would have helped me?

So many things rushed into my head. So many tabs opened, ever so quickly. I was overwhelmed at all that God had taught me, through all the years, and with assurance I know He has so much more to teach me still.

There’s just so much. Firstly, I would say that my mother was a wonderful woman and she taught me so many things that really were godlier in ways of how to treat my husband than I learned from a very feminist Church I attended as a young married. And secondly, that my mother was broken from so much abuse she suffered, but still God used her in a mighty way in my life.

My mother grew up in a very godless home, with sexual abuse from her father that she endured until 12 years old and then she married at 16 pregnant with me, to a man that would go on to commit 2 violent rapes. He physically abused her monstrously. Black eyes, broken ribs. Locking her in a house with 5 children (me included) without food for days. My mother was able to get free from him after he was sentenced to his second stint in prison. She married my stepfather which is my only real father I have had. Even in all that abuse, my mother had the biggest heart and she would help anyone that need anything, if she had it, she gave it. The Lord saved her when she was 37 and I got to be there to witness it. 

And even in all that mess, I learned as I watched. I was a Titus 2 woman in training, and learned so much from my mother. She confided in me everything, and I knew her darkest places, her deepest hurts. God took all of the pain and healed her mind and heart. My mom was a reader of the Word. She did the best she could, from the well she was drawing from. I trusted her and before she died at age 58, she told us we should go to a Bible Church. I had never heard of such a Church.

That while she was sick with the cancer, she listened to a Bible Church in Boise Idaho, and she loved it. That the teaching was right, and faithful.

We had just come out of Calvary Chapel and we were looking for a biblical Church. We were done with the loud music and the “all about me” sermons. We found a bible Church and we were pleased to be hearing truth, from God’s Word.

All that to say, my mother was a Titus 2 woman, and she unknowingly was part of my training to become a Titus 2 Woman. She was a Christian for 19 years before God called her home, and she always pointed me back to scripture, which I am thankful for. She was not perfect, as none of us are. But she was a testament to God’s saving, healing grace.

I also had my precious Grandmother, she passed in the last 5 years, in her 90’s. This was my Father’s mother. Faithful, truer, godlier woman you will not find. She loved the Lord, and she always displayed the fruits of the Spirit in teaching her grandchildren the Great things of God. Her joy was in the Lord, and there was no mistake that Grandma was a Christian.

These were the two women that had the most influence in my married life up until 15 years ago. Where were the Titus 2 women in the churches I was a member of? Good question. As with a proverbs 31 woman, so is a Titus 2 woman, hard to find, these days.

I think back on coming to the Lord at 15 and then being married at 18. I really didn’t think I was that young. I had been an adult my whole life, it felt like. But I think of it now, I was so young. But my mother was 16, so I had two years on her.

At my wedding, I had several women give me some advice, or counsel. Things like, always make your husbands plate and make sure he has hot food on the table after a hard day’s work. Make sure the house is clean when he comes through the door. I did those things, because my mom always did it. I had watched her my whole life. And my aunts. This was normal to me.

Now, this wasn’t normal for my husband. He had grown up in a very different way. In a very feminist home. So, he felt a little smothered at first but when he had siblings that seemed irked or disturbed by my serving his plate at family dinners, he warmed up to it. In an ornery kind of way, of course. But now, he thinks it’s the way the universe was meant to be. Even if I ask him at potlucks if he wants to make his own plate, he usually wants me to do it for him. I know what he likes. He knows that, now. And I love taking care of my husband, any way I can. 

I look back and think how I watched, and I just did what I observed. That is what our children, what our daughters do. They watch us much more than they hear our words. When I was told to serve my husband his plate, it was not strange to me because I had saw it many many times, it was easily accepted. God was using all of these examples in my life to grow me, in Him.

When we model the service to our husbands. To our daughters, and our sons, we are teaching them to serve their husbands and wives, joyfully, that is if we do it, joyfully. Now, if we serve our husbands with an angry or discontent heart, our daughters and sons will see that as well, and they will model that also.

Ladies, think of yourselves as future Titus 2 women now, and you have your blessings of children looking and watching you, at every turn. Give them joy, and contentment in your service. Look up when you serve? Make sure you are verbal in your service, giving glory to God in all the good things you do for their daddy and them. You are their instrument for learning to love Jesus, to learn of His Goodness, and mercy. Of all the Great Things He has done.

When you get up in the mornings, your feet are the beautiful feet that will take the gospel to your precious children. You are the voice and influence that is greatest in their little lives. They are your mission field. God has given you, if just for a little while, the gift to grow up God loving, neighbor loving, faithful children.We are never guaranteed our children will come to the Lord, but we are to be faithful in prayer and deeds. We have been given the blessing of husband and children. What a great gift you have been given. Pour out of the well God has given you from His Word.

Not from fluffy “bible” women teachers of worldly wisdom. Most are teaching feminism lite, anyway. Not God’s counsel, but feminist, man hating counsel. Reject it. The only pure and godly resource that leads to all the riches of Glory is in God’s Holy Word. Start there. 

Gather up your wisdom and discernment and guard it with all you have. Don’t give up any of the ground the flaky, compromising Church has surrendered. They in their surrender, are not God’s church, but a weak effeminate imposter that is boasting of worldly wisdom and feel good humanism. Reject it.

You love your husband and your children. Be faithful to Christ.  

Things to think about:

1.Do you have at least one Titus 2 Woman to counsel with? 

2. Be aware of your babies growing up are watching you, they will do what you do, with the same heart.

3. Draw deeply from the Well of God’s Word. 

His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence,

1 Peter 1:3

 4For it is impossible, in the case of those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have shared in the Holy Spirit, 5and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come, 6and then have fallen away, to restore them again to repentance, since they are crucifying once again the Son of God to their own harm and holding him up to contempt

Hebrews 6:4-6