Evangelicals Sacred Sacrifice to the False God of Feminism

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Why has abortion been tolerated in the Church for over 47 years? Why did Francis Schaeffer say “Roe v Wade was enacted with barely a whimper from the evangelical Church”, why? Why the mass apathy in the Church ? Why are Christians by a very large number, the people of the Book, why do they accept this wicked, legal act of murder against God’s smallest image bearers?

We will look at some of the behaviors and actions that support this wicked root that must be pulled from the Church. The very root that feeds the acceptance of abortion in the Christian Church. It must be killed and pulled out. And burned up in fire. No matter whom it offends. We must boldly ask where is our fear of God, in supporting this wicked bloody, holocaust?

We will also ask this question “Why do we in the church fear women, more than we fear God?”

You may give me all manner of “excuses” and “nuances” to why God can and does tolerate abortion. And some will, and I have even been told by Christians also, that God has even “ordained” this wicked thing. Yep. And to be very honest, this kind of equivocation has been very difficult to process. Over and over again.

And no, I don’t think I can be further disappointed and disgusted at the excuses that I have had to endure from Pastors in the conservative Christian church on their feminist take, on the “victimhood” of women in the heinous murder of abortion. I can’t tell you how many have told me that God has used this wicked thing for good. That we should be resolved that Roe is the “law of the land”. This thinking is by no means reflective of what God thinks of abortion.

I will argue that the pragmatism that has been adopted to keep it legal, is alive and well in the Church, in the form of feminism.

You scoff and chaff, I suppose, at my statements accusing men of God of such horrible sins. And they are horrible sins. It is not an accusation merely, but it is a fact that anyone can sift out, if they will merely be honest with themselves. And we must be honest with ourselves. God sees all, we are not hiding these things from God. God is aware of the number of hairs on our heads, and He know exactly how many image bearers that He has created have been aborted. Every single one of them.

Grieving must come, an acknowledgment of sin must come. And many Pastors in the Evangelical Church, we have encountered, would rather stiffen their necks like Pharisees than admit feminism has been at the helm of their pulpit and not Scripture.

Harsh? No. Ignoring the holocaust in our land, that is harsh. Ignoring it, and making excuses for it, as not to offend those that have committed the sin of murder, by abortion. God hates this modern day Molech. He hates it no less than He hated the Old Testament Molech. God has no part in this wicked shedding of innocent blood.

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren- Proverbs 6:16-19

God has spoken clearly. What He has said, he has meant. No amount of jockeying and compromise will be tolerated. And as of recent, we are seeing an apostasy in the visible Church that is of a magnitude that we have never seen before in our lifetime.

And the irony in the whole mess is the reality of the root, the same wicked root that has birthed a “woke” movement. Feminism. But as the woke are being rebuked and are being called to a repentance, as they should, there is an elephant in the room. An elephant that for so many conservative Pastors, they don’t want to touch, they don’t even want to look at it. Why? Because it will cause a mass exodus from their churches, if it is acknowledged and dealt with biblically.

Because as “conservative” as they proclaim, they are, they are not conservative at all, when it comes to abortion. The moral cerebral opinion, and the reality of their fruit, exposes a very liberal, worldly view on abortion.

Oh, most hold a “pro-life” moral opinion, a bumper sticker theology. Where one can believe it, sort of. But they don’t really believe it, biblically or practically . Having a good moral opinion that does not act is nothing, but man pleasing , pandering words. Hypocritical , man centered, therapeutic deism.

They hold an opinion that is a defined as “pro-life” position. And to really zero in on this, is to expose the “pro-life” position. Which is the “pro-life movement does not want to end abortion, they believe that women who have their children killed by abortion, are victims. The pro-life movement sucks in money, pandering to the churches and churns out ungodly law after ungodly law, compromising justice. Never stopping the slaughter . Ever giving the appearance of fighting . Or should we say “faux fighting”. Boxing at the air. These hypocritical unjust pro-life laws that Christian pastors laud, tell us when, where, and how a defenseless baby can be crushed, poisoned, ripped limb from limb, thrown in the trash and lit on fire. And they lie to the flock and the world saying this is justice. Pastors can surely get on board with that. No pressure, no consequence. Giving the appearance that they hate it, and “fight” against it. But that is all it is, is an appearance.

And the minute you ask them to treat abortion the way God sees abortion, you will see demeanor, stance and tone change. You will witness a pro-abortion Pastor masking his pro-abortion stance with a “pro-life” stance. His rational – not scriptural – mind you, that he holds to is that the person that murders is blameless, do you think God has an issue with this hypocrisy?

Is abortion an issue in the church, yes. Is abortion one of many issues in the church, yes. So why is abortion always at the forefront for us? Are we just riding an abortion hobby horse? Is abortion just our hill to die on? 

I really can’t put my finger on how to describe the tone, but have found it is similar in all men, Pastors preparing to speak as a feminist and not a man of the Scriptures. And when I see the beginning of the capitulation that I have seen too often, I am crushed inside, yet again. I can’t quite describe the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, when I am caught between submitting to my elders, and listen to the same elders making wicked, ungodly excuses for women that commit murder.

This is why abortion is a big deal – 

Abortion is a primary issue because human beings, knit together in the womb, that God knew before they were even born, the only created thing made in His image are being murdered by the one person that is called to provide for and nurture them. So it’s kind of a big deal. 

If you are a Christian and you don’t think that this matters to God you are woefully wrong. Abortion is the ultimate hatred for God. Shaking of the fist at Him. A woman – premeditated – preying on her own weak and defenseless baby, oppressing the powerless. The babies are the victims of abortion. Make no mistake about this. 

If your theology does not tell you this, get a new theology. You need to learn. Starting with Genesis, God made man in His own image, in the image of God He created him. Start there. You need to learn who God is and fear Him alone and not man.  

If you can not recognize that it is evil to murder children in the womb, and that the perpetrator is not the victim in abortion, then you have believed the lies of Satan, and the world. 

If you can’t get this right biblically then everything else you do is literally a hypocrisy. If you don’t get the image of God right in the slaughter of millions upon millions of innocent image bearers, then you don’t get God at all. 

So how has feminism influenced the church at large especially in the dealing with abortion? Well easy, a woman cries to her pastor, so sad that she killed her baby, showing a worldly remorse, tells all of the pitiful details of how she was deceived (think Eve) and how dire her circumstances were…of course it wasn’t her fault…she was the victim of…of….of what exactly?

How has the flock fleecing pro-life establishment influenced the church? Easy. Lazy Christians and lukewarm pastors. These pastors that get paid to stand only on the Word of God but don’t want to actually preach the Word of God; or take a stand for anything for that matter lest they lose their precious 501c3 or offend someone; they are funneling money to the pro-life movement to do the work that they should have been doing themselves. They don’t want to touch a ‘political’ (lose their 5013c) issue like abortion. They are derelict in their duty ( think Adam) and are literally rendering unto Caesar what is God’s!

Malachi 3:8–9 (NAS): “Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me! But you say, ‘How have we robbed You?’ In tithes and offerings.
9 “You are cursed with a curse, for you are robbing Me, the whole nation of you!

So they toe the partly line of pro-lifisms. Abortion is not murder, murder is too harsh of a word. Women will feel guilty. Women are the victims. And on and on it goes. The church pays the pro-life establishment, the pro-life establishment indoctrinates the church and round and round they go ad-nauseum.

So our nice pastors don’t want to be offensive because #metoo #believeallwomen, right? If she says she’s a victim, and the whole entire pro-life movement says she’s a victim because she killed her own child by abortion, well, who are pastors to disagree? I mean after all the pro-life establishment are the paid abortion experts, right?

Well, we would hope that they would disagree, stand firm on the Word of God and tell the truth. Abortion is murder. Women who murder their children by abortion are murderers.

Am I being too harsh? Doesn’t God forgive even those that murder? Yes! He does but you have to tell them the truth of what the sin is so that they may repent. If you do not tell the truth of what sin is, that it is soul damning, that God is a just God that will not be mocked, then how? How will they know? 

The very fact that pastors are so fearful and cowardly is why talk like this offends Christians. This isn’t heard in most churches. Be certain, if your pastor can’t get the image of God right, nothing else will go right. If one entire people group to the tune of 65 million is being oppressed to death under your pastor’s watchful eye it’s a joke to think you can be right with any other people group. Let us have no peace with evil amongst us while the blood of these children saturates our defiled land.

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  1. Ladies, I applaud your courageous and truthful proclamation. Abortion is the crying sin of America. It is virtually unaffected by Evangelical Pastors and Churches for the reasons you named. However, the power behind that crying sin is an evil from the the time of the Garden of Eden. That is the evil of feminism. Feminism and patriarchy can not co-exist without compromise by one or the other. Unfortunately, most of the compromise has been made by those who should be promoting godly patriarchy, not by the feminists. I have been promoting godly patriarchy for more than 15 years and it has cost me a great deal, my family, and my pastoral ministry. But, I will continue to write and teach the Biblical truth of Godly Patriarchy.

  2. What is the inceptive sin of the race? What sin led to the loss of Eden, and the cursing of the whole planet?

    The desire of the woman to usurp authority from God and man, plus the decision of the man to obey the woman instead of obeying God.

    And here you all are in the latter days of the race, and what problem destroys your nations and the lives within them?

    The desire of the woman to usurp authority from God and man. And the decision of the male to go along with female empowerment and feminism. There is no mass abortion industry in America without the vast empowerment and elevation of females.

    Nothing new under the sun. Nothing.

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