The Spirit Himself Intercedes For Us

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 26Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

The Spirit always helps us in our weakness, and our Helper is always with us. We can know that on even our very best days, we are in but weakness, and held by His strength. And speaking to those times where our hearts are broken and beyond repair, we sometimes truly believe  we can know these words are true “but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words” Wow. “The Spirit Himself” Can we even comprehend what these words mean? I am not sure that we can grasp this in our natural mind, but we can try. We know those moments in our lives that have brought such sorrow, grieving, and such utter weakness. There are passing before my mind as I write.That when we did bring our troubles to the Lord, we came as tattered and needy children, with few words or absolutely no words to pray. We simply weep before Him. The words do not come. Are we left to our deep sorrow? No we can know that the Spirit is interceding, even in our tears. We are not left to sorrow and grieve our momentary afflictions alone, but our Great Comforter is there. With us.  We can be sure of it.

For we know that He has brought us through, and He will always bring us through. As we are told in “Job 5:7 For man is born for trouble, as sparks fly upward” this world is full of troubles. Some will be of  the nature of a very light affliction and our audible prayers to our Lord will be boldly and quickly sought. But there will be those times in our lives that the hurt is so deep that we cannot form any words, in petition to our Lord. He understands. He cares. And He is there, caring for us in our needy hour.

 And even in these dire times, when we seem to be sinking into despair, our Heavenly Father has provided for His children.Even those time of great distress. 

He has left us with a Comforter that prays for us, leads us and comforts us.

When at last we think we have come to the end of the road in this life, but we are still given breath, and death has not yet visited us, we can still rest. Even, in the darkness and deep sorrow. Our hearts may be very lowly indeed, but we will soon be comforted. In our weakness, when all the words have been spoken, and you think there are no more. Your words are not required, that the Spirit is interceding for us. Never leaving us.

As the Spirit prays for us, we shall know that we will lift our heads again. We do not give up. We our His. He has and will care for us in all our needs. We will not be forever in despair. That our poorly state as of current,  is more than sufficiently represented before the throne of God. Rest in Him.

I pray that this day, you would seek to know the Lord more and more. I pray that you would seek to live before the face of God and not the praises of men. That you would seek Him diligently. Equipping your soul, in His Word, with the mind of Christ. 

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