Letter of Encouragment to Young Christian Wives I

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Dear Young Christians Wives,

As older Christian wives, we seek to be good Titus 2 women and would love very much to help you along, to help you and encourage you to keep doing the good things, the things that produce good fruit today and in the future.

We would like to encourage you every day to read your Bible. First and foremost, go to the Word and feed on His bread, the bread that feeds your soul. Then your husband and children will reap from your faithfulness. Giving yourself that time with the Lord is invaluable. Reading and meditating on the Truth of God’s wisdom will feed and quiet your soul. You will never regret your time spent with the Lord. Do not neglect it.

You will always have challenges pop up before you and they can seem so overwhelming at times, but be encouraged that you can cast all your cares on the Lord and He will always sustain you. You are His child.

I know you get tired and the days are long sometimes, so long. Babies crying, food burning, car breaking down, husband being late from work, and so much more can happen. Sometimes you feel like you are not doing enough. When you are discouraged the tears may come and that is okay. Cry to the Lord. Tell Him. Trust Him and then get up from your knees, trusting that God will fight your battles. Trust Him. 

When the world is screaming from all the media what women should be and it looks nothing like biblical womanhood, turn off that media. Turn off that which is causing you strife and taking too much of your time. Turn it off. Play with your children, bake a cake, go have a good conversation with your husband. Build up your home: this will encourage you and help you find your focus again. Value the things that God calls worthy and discard those things that pull your precious energy.

• “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you” Isaiah 43:2.

• “So, do not fear, for I am with you; do not dismayed, for I am your God. Isaiah 41:10

• “She is far more precious than jewels” Proverbs 31:10.

• “Use your God given gifts to serve others” 1 Peter 4:10.