Ladies:Prepare for Battle, We Must Fight

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Growing up most of us would say our parents would tell us to stop fighting. Either with a sibling, cousin or friend. We were told that we shouldn’t fight, that we should get along, love our sibling, cousin, or friend. And to a certain extent that is good and wise counsel. Our parents were trying to raise us up to love our neighbor.

But as we have gotten to learn and grow in the Lord, we learn that love commands that we fight. That we must fight. Not with flesh and blood, or necessarily our relatives or friends in the manner we did as a child. But in the battle that God has called us to fight. In wherever God has placed us, in whatever season in our life. 

We cannot give up, what is there to “give up” to? We are the Master’s, as He has said “We know His voice” and we cannot deny Him. His law is written on our hearts, His counsel is good, and we are blessed when we obey. Not because our obedience is of salvation but in response to our salvation. And what a Great Salvation it is! We must do battle. We must fight.

In this world we must fight. Luther’s iconic song relays:

“And though this world with devils filled should threaten to undo us
We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us
The Prince of Darkness grim, we tremble not for him
His rage we can endure, for lo, his doom is sure
One little word shall fell him”

When we wake in the morning, until the moment we fall asleep in the evening, we will fight. We will fight devils, that will seek to undo us, but we must not fear. He has won the battle. And truly at the end of the day, that is where our victory lies.

And if we are to be able to fight, ladies, we must prepare for battle. And if we are ill equipped will be defeated, but if we are well-equipped,  we will prevail.  And how do we prepare as children of God? We prepare by absorbing the Word of God. 

We love God’s Word, and we study it and we consume it as much as we possibly can. Where did these  “5 minute devotionals” come from? They came from a people that have replaced the Source of their Peace with other things that occupy their time but starve their soul. Would we prepare for a test in 5 minutes? No, we wouldn’t. We should spend quality time, seeking, preparing for whatever awaits us that must be fought in our day ahead.

We must be about reading, studying and praying over the God’s Word, seeking God’s direction. Not from our feelings. Oh dear, we know our feelings can lie to us. While feelings are a blessing from the Lord, we sometimes can read more into situations and even into the Word, than are not there. And we know this to be true. I know I must repent of this very sin more than I want to admit. But seeking Him earnestly, laying our hearts before Him. Raw. Seeking to know His will. I know it sounds like I keep telling you to read the Word and pray, but it’s truth. We starve if we do not feed on the Word and seek our Lord in prayer, before we fight. 

We are weak creatures and our strength is always found in Christ.We must be fed to be able to have the strength for our battles.

In especially these strange and sometimes ominous times, I have been convicted more and more of how little time I spend in my day, studying the scriptures, praying for my family, brethren and Government. I then, many times leave my prayer to go on to fret, fear, and worry , and I don’t have to wonder why, do I?

I then go back to the Scriptures. And they faithfully tell me:

Fret not yourself because of evildoers; be not envious of wrongdoers!- Psalm 24:19

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.- Matthew 6:31

But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him!- Luke 12:5

And then I go back to prayer, and I pray until my soul is soothed and I can walk in the Truth and fight for this day. This day. Remember, we are not promised tomorrow, but we have today. So much of our worry involves looking at what may happen, or what if…this happens? There lies our battle, and Christ will fight our battle, but we must trust Him to do so. He gives us the weapons, and He has promised to never abandon us. When Christ is for us, who can be against us? No one. 

Fighting is what Christian women must do. We must fight daily for our marriages, children and faith. Our preparation in the Word and prayer is our orthodoxy (correct belief) and in this we must also have orthopraxy (correct actions). So, we have our belief, faith and devotions, with studying scripture and prayer and then we must live what we have learned, live out the very words that He has given us.  

And this is where we fail, at least I do so many times. The Lord instructs us, He gives us every good thing in His Word, and we are blessed when we obey. So why do we struggle with this? It is because we tend to be prideful and see our way as better, and it never is. Ever. 

But many times our lessons are hard learned but we have a Kind and merciful Father that picks us up, and keeps us walking the narrow path. 

When we are told to love our husbands and submit to them, we many times look at this as a chore. And we shouldn’t. We falsely think that being tired and sometimes lazy is an excuse to disobey God and serve ourselves. But as we know that when we do this, we are even more miserable when we reap the outcome. 

That we have not loved our husbands rightly, is not putting our faith into our actions, and often times we are left with a miserable wife and a miserable husband. And we just are left feeling like a hypocrite. What does that benefit anyone? Miserable people makes life miserable and who in the world would choose to be miserable? Oh dear, so many times that would be us, right? Lord help us!!

Fighting for our marriages, yes, sometimes involves fighting in our marriage. I pray we would not have vengeful or hateful fighting but fighting, going to battle for the love of our husbands and our marriage. For that obedience to God in being of a soft heart, and not a hard heart. We are told by  Jesus that God allowed divorce  because of  the hardness of people’s hearts. We want to have soft, loving hearts to our husbands. Not ascribing motives to them, and causing strive. If we want our husbands to be understanding. Kind, soft words will cause a listening ear, but hard and demeaning words, will turn his ear away. And we don’t want that. 

We want to fight but we want to wage a godly war. One that is fought on our knees and in our hearts. Breaking our pride and loving our husbands with unselfish hearts. Putting them first, not being resentful or hateful. Husbands respond favorably to softness and often spurn hardness in a woman. Don’t be hard. Reject and fight that.

You fight with all your heart for those blessings God has given you. Hold on and fight for them. Fight with kind words, tender looks and loving actions. Those are the actions that put in practice your faith. 

When we give into harshness and contention, we cultivate strife in our home. Feminism is a cruel master; it calls women to rule over men. That is against God’s order, and that is why feminist so much of the time are bitter and contrarians that speak with a vindictive and vile tongue.

 We are to be the opposite of such things. These things should not be how we are described. But rather our manner should be meek, patient, kind, loving our husbands with an appreciation for the man that he is. Not who we want him to be. Love him. Be kind to him. Fight along side him. Fight for him. And don’t fight against him. Fight for your children. And fight for your faith. You can’t give up, Christ will give you the strength to fight. We will get weary. Oh will we get weary. But we are promised that the Lord will give us the strength to keep fighting. Ladies: Prepare for battle, we must fight!

Things to think about:

  1. Do I need to spend more time with the Lord? How can I make more time to prepare for my daily battles, I don’t have to fight alone?
  2. Do I fight hard for my marriage to thrive or do I sabotage your marriage?
  3.  How can you fight for love, peace, and kindness in your home?
  4. Pray for God to give you soft, uplifting words to your husband and children even in the midst of the battles. 

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