Washing Anger Away

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We live full time in our RV to enable us to travel frequently, primarily to minister at child sacrifice centers pleading for the lives of unborn babies. This makes laundry a thing that needs to be timed out and monitored. You don’t just throw some clothes in the washer and get to it later. Normally, we start a load, set a timer, and go put it in the dryer, and set a timer and retrieve it. Easy peasy.

Not today. We have one of those newfangled machines without an agitator that takes 90 minutes to wash a normal load of clothes. So today, the laundry that I put it in doesn’t balance and spin. It rinses my clothes over and over washing away the good smell. I’ve set multiple timers, gone to check the machine repeatedly, and it’s never done. By the time I get wise that there’s a problem hours have gone by. I pull part of the laundry out, rinse and spin half of it AGAIN, set the other dripping wet half aside. This means it’s going to be about another hour or more, and I’m mad. Real mad. And trying not to sin.

Anger is a problem for me. I immediately start praying for God’s help. I’ve said before one of my biggest issues is things of my day not going according to my timing and plans. So guess what I get to work on a lot through events such as these. I’m so mad that I actually feel like this inanimate machine is mocking me. As I’m trying to repent of my anger I am having the most frustrated thoughts coming at me of how my plans for the day and timing are going to go all wrong. As I think through them taking them to the Lord, I concede that though I don’t understand at all, I know that this is okay. It doesn’t have to go the way I plan and somehow things will work out. It will just take longer and more trips, and that’s fine.

When it finally gets to the point where I can take out the first dried half and add the second wet half to the dryer and start another load, as I’m walking to the washer, here comes my 3 year old granddaughter. She asks, ‘what are you doing gamma?” I tell her, I’m going to do my laundry. She just fills with excitement and joy and exclaims with a giant smile “I hep you gamma”. So we go together in the laundry room. She is so happy to be helping me, she opens the dryer and gently takes out my clean items and hands them to me, squealing with joy. She’s so happy as she finds the used dryer sheets, like she found a diamond. She helps me reload the dryer as I lay the clothes on the dryer door she puts them in. I give her a brand new dryer sheet and she puts it to her nose and gives it a big sniff and squeals out “It smells good!”

All I can think during this whole interaction is I would have missed THIS. I would have missed her. I would have missed this precious child teaching me to have joy in the small things. Her sweet loving and happy heart to help me when I had a need, that I didn’t even think I had. I would have missed giving her the chance to bless her grandma by being such a big helper. I would have missed two minutes alone with her just doing lady things together. And it has not escaped my attention that this is why. This is God’s timing. He ordained my day. I’m at the point of fighting back tears.

She and I part ways and I go home and weep with repentance and joy as I make my bed with clean sheets, and pray and thank God for what I thought was a curse to my day not going as I timed, was what He intended to bless me in. That I don’t know my days, but He has written them all. Tucked in them are these little moments of precious joy. We can miss these, they are easy to pass by and slip away. I pray that these lessons stay with me, that the next time I am tempted to think that my time has been stolen, or things have not gone well, that my God is the God that does all things well. He is in all and over all and is all, for in Him and to Him and through Him are all things. I can easily submit my time to Him because He loves me, and He blesses me, and He does good for me.

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  1. This is such a blessing to me because I’ve been really struggling with anger the past year and a half and it’s so hard for me not to lose my cool. Thank you for sharing your heart 💜

    1. Post

      Thank you Katherine so much for the encouragement. I’m so thankful to the Lord to be able to share my struggles to bless someone else. I will keep you in prayer, thank you so much for reaching out. God bless!

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