Give us Barabbas

Cheryl Uncategorized

John 18:39–40 But you have a custom that I release someone for you at the Passover; do you wish then that I release for you the King of the Jews?” So they cried out again, saying, “Not this Man, but Barabbas.” Now Barabbas was a robber.

We still live in the same upside down God hating world that cried “Give us Barabbas”. The world that demands Christ to be crucified, asking for a thieving murderous insurrectionist to be released in His place. The world calls this justice.

Churches everywhere are being closed, forbidden from gathering. In some places they are even being ticketed for sitting in their own cars in the church parking lot – as they obey social distancing – and listen to their pastor’s sermon on FM radio. The world calls this justice.

Prisoners are being released from jails ‘to prevent the spread of sickness’, causing violence to escalate, one such released prisoner even committing murder the very next day, while Christians on sidewalks obeying social distancing rules are taken to the jails that supposedly need to be emptied. The world calls this justice.’s-office-coronavirus-covid-19/6106875/

While restrictions preventing us from gathering together to worship God are being enforced, limitations and outright bans are also being imposed based off of the content of the sermons. The world calls this justice.

Violence towards ministers of the gospel at abortion clinics is escalating, threats with guns, and those who are bound by oath of office and duty to uphold the peace turn a blind eye. The world calls this justice.

The world seeks to persecute and prosecute Christians. They hope to bring reproach and shame onto us, destroy our witness and reputations, all under the guise of justice. The world has always desired to stop the gospel from going forth, and now they can attempt to do that for the greater good and public health and safety. They will now arrest us and it will be called a good deed and called a just public service.

What is called justice in the world is to compare a Christian on the sidewalk outside of an abortion clinic obeying statutes, to the murderous parents lined up to kill their own children – in disobedience to the same statutes – and when the world compares the two, it calls the murderers good.

The world wants Barabbas. Just like Barabbas they are there to rob God with their sin – while those pleading for life are, threatened, ticketed, or led away to be imprisoned. The world cries out to be free to murder; legally, without persecution or prosecution. The world falsely accuses those that seek to share the gospel of being a danger to the world and condemns them. The world calls this justice.

We are vastly outnumbered in this present world by those that hate God, and this is evidenced by the widely accepted moral decline that is celebrated and applauded by the wicked and depraved. We must take care that we take a firm stance on God’s Word so that we are not swept away with the ungodly. Taking cautions against Satan’s devices, as we decry the evil deeds of darkness and expose them. Exposing evil is the duty of every blood bought child of God. We are to expand the borders of the kingdom of God, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and pleading souls into the kingdom.

We as Christians should be emblems of justice and truth in the world that hates God and loves death. We are to do and act justly and humbly as we walk with our God. We are to rescue the perishing. We are to care for the orphan and widow, this is true religion. We are to love our neighbor and do good for them, born and unborn. Which means we will have to take a stand against the world and it’s evil. We will be mocked and hated, but we must stand and fight and establish justice in the land.