Potato and Onion

Cheryl Cooking, Frugal Tips

This is one of our most simple and favorite meals and we have it at all times of the day. It’s really one of our comfort foods – so we eat it frequently. At it’s most simple, it is just potatoes and onions sautéed in a bit of butter or oil – bacon grease – anything you have on hand, served with Ketchup. At other times, we add eggs, scrambled mixed in, or fried with a liquid yolk on top. You can add cheese although that is really an unneeded extra ingredient and expense. You can use this an alternative to rice and serve beans over it, that is my husbands favorite.

It helps to prep everything in advance. My general rule is one medium potato each, half an onion, and 1 egg each if fried, 4 or 5 if scrambled. I soaked my cubed potatoes in water to remove excess starch, and drain them off after everything else is prepped and put away. Just enough meat to be lightly distributed throughout. The main weight of the dish for us is in the potato. No pun intended. Today I added a chopped up Serrano pepper to the 5 scrambled eggs.

Start by preheating a dry skillet, add your fat, today I used olive oil. I let the oil warm up for about 45 seconds in the preheated skillet and add the cubed potatoes to get a sear. And cover, checking every few minutes.

Once I have a sear on the potatoes and they have started to take on a translucent appearance (cooking with the lid on forces them to steam). I then add the onions, and place the lid back on. when the onions reach a desired level of done for you, add the meat.

You can add meat, just about any type. For us today it is Chorizo, but it could be any breakfast meat, or anything else, leftover meatloaf or taco meat, shredded chicken, leftover pork chop, whatever is handy. Once your meat has reached a desired level of doneness, turn the temp way down, add the eggs and cover quickly.

I’m extremely particular about my eggs. I cook them very low, uncover frequently and lift and toss very gently. I want them to be light fluffy moist folds.

When the eggs are complete, stir gently together and serve!

Bonus grandma points if your cast iron skillet looks like this at the end 😉

If you enjoyed this recipe, or have any variations of it please comment!