Quarantine Series Frugal Meals: Grandma’s Potato Dinner by Heather Granden

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When I was growing up my grandma would make this meal.
And then my mom, and I made/make it often.
So we call it….

My grandma raised a bunch of kids on a rather tight budget, and so did my mother, and I am doing the same, so this is a very frugal meal, but it is also delicious!
My children love it!
Sometimes we add cheese or a seasoning salt, and we also love it with a side of relish or pickles.
I do at least double this recipe.

8 potatoes washed
Dice the potatoes, and fry in half a cube of butter or a 1/4 coconut oil.
Fry until cooked through and crispy edges.
Brown 10-16 oz ground beef, or venison.
Melt 1/4 butter, or coconut oil, in with the browned meat, then add 1/2 cup of all purpose flour and some salt & pepper, stir until smooth and bubbly ( you might need a bit more grease, it all depends on how much grease was in the meat.)
Add 1-2 quarts of milk to the mixture. Stir gravy and make it to your desired thickness.
When gravy is hot and bubbling remove from heat, and dump cubed fried potatoes into gravy mixture. Mix together.
Serve with a side of veggies.

Heather is a dear sister in the Lord. With her husband Aaron they are raising 10 children.