Establish our hearts, O Lord

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Psalm 112:8 His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, until he sees his desire upon his enemies.

In the same way that God upholds His own righteous and holy commands, He is the one who upholds our hearts. We are upheld by the strength of our Maker, our hearts are buttressed in truth. We do not have to white knuckle it to the end, or muster up our own power or strength from within to face each day. We are supported by a strength that comes from outside of ourselves – it is the strength of God’s sure and strong hand that upholds us. Christ sustains us and preserves us for Himself, and He will not fail. Whatever the end may be – we can have perfect peace that He will bring us through.

Though we may face many enemies, and many difficulties and trials may assail us, we can face them calmly because our real enemies are sin and death – and both have already been defeated by the work of Christ. Christ has overcome the world and defeated death so that we have nothing to fear. Though our enemies may be frightening, we may wait on the Lord in confidence that all things will be placed in subjection under His feet.

Let us pray to face each day without fear, that our hearts will hold fast to the confidence of our hope in Christ. That our hearts will have the certain assurance that they are upheld by God who holds all things together. Let us pray that we may find sin more fearful than illness, calamity or death, and seek to destroy the sin with in us until the Lord takes us home. With all love in Christ, God bless.

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