Repurposed dryer sheets

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My grandma grew up on a farm in the Texas Panhandle during the Great Depression. She saw amazing things during her life, like seeing the first car, and had the best stories of living simply. She re-purposed everything, even containers from fast food and paper cups. Which of course we always thought was silly. Now days in many ways I aspire to be emulate her, so when I find a way to repurpose something- especially if it is a item meant for the garbage- I get excited.

It is pollen season for our Live Oak trees, where everything inside and out gets a dirty green haze, even the walls. So I was really proud today when I didn’t throw away my used dryer sheets and instead used them to dust my furniture and cracks and crevices. The dust clung to them like a dream, and it kept me from making dirty wash rags to clean, or from using paper towels (since the rest of the world is in a paper goods frenzy)

I would love to know how others re-purpose dryer sheets also. If you have some other tips and ideas drop it in in the comments!

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