Help A Momma Have A Home Birth During Covid-19

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Kevin & Vanessa are amazing, loving parents who love and follow Jesus Christ. They lead their children to love as God loves, Vanessa speaks out against abortion and holds high the sanctity of life. If you know them, you know they are some of the most selfless, giving, loving, and understanding people you will ever meet. Vanessa is due to give birth around the 1st of May. Her last labor lasted only 30 minutes, and there were a lot of variables. With CoVid 19 happening, hospital protocols now limit who can be with you for labor and are requiring testing for your support person before they can even attend the birth. These tests can take about 4-6 hours to come back, meaning with a 30 minute labor- Kevin would miss the birth. This will be their 9th living birth. 

This means Vanessa would be going to labor alone and if something happens- God forbid- she would be alone for that. After birth they are testing mothers and babies and if either test positive, they are removing babies for protection for 2 weeks. That’s two weeks her newborn could potentially be without its mother. Obviously that is a position no mother wants to be in.

Vanessa found a midwife who does at home birth and has an opening. The cost of the basic package is $2,945. Kevin has been displaced from his job due to first the yearly seasonal layoff- then he went back to work for 4 days when Ohio mandated the stay at home order. Kevin did not qualify as an essential employee.

Vanessa is now 34 weeks and 5 days. It is imperative that they secure this midwife for the safety and health of mom and baby. While many may disagree, each mother know what they do and don’t want for their child and for their delivery.

Can you help by donating to ensure the health and safety of mom and baby? To give a mom peace of mind to deliver at home during this pandemic?
Even if you can’t donate, please lift this family in your prayers!  I asked for a little more than what the home birth costs to offset the fees that will be deducted from the fundraiser and to give them a little overhead money.  Kevin is having trouble getting his unemployment.

Thank you for reading and if you are led to do so, please donate! Link below. Thank you in advance.