Feminism: A Lie From the Beginning

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Feminism has turned mothers into cold blooded murderers.

It has turned women’s hearts toward career and power and away from their husbands.

It has turned countless children into the government indoctrination centers, where they learn that they have no gender and God doesn’t exist.

It has taken being a woman and turned it into a power wielding, irresponsible unloving device with no nature to it. It is natureless.

To seek to be a man and abandon all that God intended a woman to be is the hue and cry of the modern era. It only happens by degrees in the liberal versus the conservative camp. Both honestly kill their children in fairly similar numbers. Both have extremely high divorce rates and low homeschooling rates. In both it is highly esteemed to have leadership roles rather than support roles.

We do not need any of this. As women and children of God the world still belongs to us. If we would grasp it in a feminine way, there would be so much more to satisfy! If we were not taught to strive outside of our own nature it wouldn’t even occur to us that the fulfillment of our dreams lay in killing our children or abandoning our husbands.

We have been lied to. If we would quit listening to the stupid lies, as we have from the beginning, we might get somewhere. We might actually become a fuel to light a new fire. We might actually be a restorer of virtue and aid societal health. We might have the power and purpose that can only be found in the nature God gave us.

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