“12 considerations” on CHOOSING AN ABORTION PROVIDER

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Patte Smith – Sanctuary Ministries (30 Year Sidewalk Counselor @ Abortion Mills)

I am on the mailing list of a couple of “pro-life” organizations. When I receive correspondence from them, it is always to get me to give them money. They use a lot of modern church-culture “God-words” to make them seem religious. But, when they give accounts of their interactions with abortion-bound or post-abortive men and women, the wording of their rhetoric is so bland, and man/woman-centered.

They don’t use the Holy Word of God when they engage lost men and women. They use secular arguments when they speak to guilty sinners. In the stories they tell, (even to their donors when they fund-raise), they use words like “choice” regarding the murder of babies, not using the word “sin”. They give us stories of NOT telling the mothers and fathers that taking the life of an innocent child is “wrong”. These posts, letters, e mails, and even their website stories (on their donor website and the website designed to attract women contemplating abortion), are hard to read for what they DON’T say. They talk about explaining three “options” to the abortion-vulnerable mothers. One popular, “pro-life” organization gives women considering abortion; 

“12 considerations” on CHOOSING AN ABORTION PROVIDER. No. 

I am not kidding. 

All of the “considerations” are presented in a morally neutral, non directive way. No Words from the holy God of the universe, with Whom they have to do. No Scriptures for their “consideration”. (I will take a photo of this handout in the comments, so you can read this handout for yourself.) What these purportedly “Christian”, “pro-life” organizations purposely OMIT from their polite conversations with unbelievers, (including many professing Christians) is very telling. They OMIT (suppress) the truth as it is in Jesus Christ as it is written in divine Law and Testimony, the Holy Scriptures.

You have heard “What You Don’t Say is as Important as What You Do Say.” Well, they DON’T tell the person they are speaking to (or reaching by their website) that their baby is fearfully and wonderfully designed and created by God, bearing His sacred image and likeness. (Psalm 139:14;Genesis 1:26;James 3:9) They don’t tell the person they are speaking to that each child has EXtrinsic value because of their origin and existence in and from God, and are given as God’s gift to their mommas and daddies, and to all of us, the neighbors that are supposed to love them, and do unto them, as we love and want done unto us. They do not tell the mother or father that he or she is commanded by God to repent of his or her sin, and to cast themselves, in humble faith, at the feet of Jesus Christ. (Mark 1:15;Matthew 3:8;4:17;Luke 13:3,5;Acts 3:19;26:20)

But, in their fundraising plea, they use Christianese, writing about their encounter with a man who had murdered his baby: “Please pray for James, that he realizes the full gravity of what he did, so that he can be forgiven and healed.” I can’t help but wonder, why didn’t THEY give James God’s commandment, “You shall not murder”? Why didn’t they tell this father that God has said that He will cast fornicators and murderers into the lake of fire? (Revelation 21:8) Why didn’t they tell James that Christ lived a perfect life, obeying God’s Law in thought, word and deed, fulfilling all righteousness, and gave His life to atone for the sins of His people? Why didn’t they explain to James that wicked and lawless sinners like us will remain under the wrath of God, unless we obey Christ’s command to savingly repent (“Repent…Go and sin no more” John 5:14;8:11) and believe upon Him? Why didn’t they take James through the Law and Gospel, telling him that he is commanded to repent, and that, through the Person and Work of Christ, he can be forgiven and washed as white as snow in His precious blood? 

I mean, he was standing right there in front of them. 

Why NOT give James THE LAW OF GOD, which is the Lord’s appointed means through which He reveals, by His Spirit, the exceeding sinfulness of sin (Romans 7:12-13). Why not present the Word of God to those who visit the websites, and the counselors, of the pregnancy centers? Why withhold the very means the Lord has appointed for those who so desperately need a Savior, including, their BABIES? 

You think about that.

[If your church financially supports a pregnancy center or any other “pro-life” organization (maybe your pastor is on the board!) please share this post with him, and all of your elders and deacons. Let them go to the pregnancy center’s website (be sure it’s the one published for abortion vulnerable mothers and babies, and not the other one, which is designed for DONORS) and read it for themselves.]

Jesus declares:

“If anyone is ashamed of Me 
and My Words, 
in this adulterous and sinful generation,
the Son of Man 
will be ashamed of him 
when He comes 
in His Father’s glory 
with the holy angels…

Whoever denies Me before men, 
I will also deny him 
before My Father in heaven.”

{Mark 8:38 Luke 9:26;Matthew 10:33}