Boundaries of Peace

Arlene Uncategorized

Feminism is the force that has been smashing boundaries for decades in our culture. Yet boundaries are the very thing required for societal peace and proper bonds. The crisis that is feminism eliminates boundaries of natural authority, putting women in positions which they lack strength for and turning marriage into a rowboat with two people pulling at different angles. But it also destroys natural bonds, creating unnatural ones in their place. Boundaries create healthy relationships and flourishing communities, keeping people from trampling over one another visually, physically and emotionally, all while living around each other and growing together. They provide stability and an environment where people can trust each other. In such an environment marriage is highly regarded and roles are honored, and people can be enjoyed in the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

Because let’s face it. Little girls dressed immodestly are not how they were meant to be enjoyed. Women in positions of power over men or cohabitating in the military is not how they were meant to be enjoyed.

And women were never meant to be enjoyed on billboards, advertising intimacy meant for their husbands. They are supposed to be enjoyed as sisters to other men, and sisters and friends to their wives.

And because feminism has hatred for all that is feminine and actually womanly, where there ought to be sisterly bonds between women, there is catty hatred. Women distrust other women and seek relationships instead with men. At this point in our cultural landslide, women don’t even know what proper bonds look like! They don’t know that they are supposed to have a sisterhood of stay at home mothers. They cannot picture battles being undertaken solely by men going to war with men… their forces arraying and conjoining to protect and dominate. They cannot picture women bonding and caring for their little ones together, while they wait eagerly for the men’s return and keep the home fires burning. They cannot picture the solace of shared work and the bulwark of common womanly goals. The mutual understanding and aid of our gender is lost through feminism. It is stolen from us. Women have become enemies of one another, enemies of men and enemies of the foundational institutions. We have gone so, so wrong.

Women that crave the leadership and stability that they ought to get from a spouse seek out male companionship instead and will not hesitate to seek out friendships with married men. Those for “women’s rights” will think nothing of a woman’s right in her own marriage. They will expect you to give up your husband’s time and expect to be able to be alone with him while he is a friend to her. Make no mistake ladies! If you have a good man, it is inevitable that women will seek him out. There is nothing standing in the way culturally speaking… except your husband’s sense of boundaries, his fear of God and his regard for you.

In such a world of blurred lines, with men going off to work and war with women, who would want to stay behind? What are some things that women who care about regaining womanhood can do?

Be content to stay behind. Stay home!

Domesticity is a crown to be regained.

Treat homemaking with the honor it deserves and fully throw yourself into it. Act like God gave you this charge and it does not matter what other women in the world do, because He has, and it doesn’t. If and when your husband needs you out in the world, BE there. Be fully invested as his aid and expect God to use it greatly. If God allows enterprise that furthers nurture of children or homemaking, take full advantage of it. But let your mind be geared toward home with the heart God wishes you to have toward it.

Be a friend to women. Help to be that sister that all women need. Don’t be all of the things worldly women are… catty, gossipy, jealous. Be good to women and also, in the process, teach them.

Observe boundaries with men other then your husband. All that you would wish women to do and not do with your husband, do those things and don’t do those things with every other man.

Do not attack your husband. If there is a difficult situation with how women are relating to him, offer your services in counseling or ask to join the chat or meetings.

As with all things, when we know we’re seeking what God desires, we can have peace in the process because His hand is with us. He will not only help us but He will also, most definitely, use us.