The Sacrificial Altar: Babies Must Be Murdered

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There is an actress named Michelle Williams and she recently won a Golden Globe award. A Golden Globe award is a Hollywood accolade that gives actors and those connected with film making honor and a great deal of prestige. I had to look that up. It fits perfectly with a Biblical perspective on It is literally a golden statue of the World at the top of it. These little golden statues are given out to 93 different people for their work in or supporting roles in film.

I will be upfront and tell you I have no idea who this woman is and have never watched anything she may have starred in. When seeing the clip her making this speech , I can tell you that I recognized some of the older actors and actresses, but so many I did not recognize. I tell you this because my assessment of this actress is not based on her being an actress. My assessment of her speech is to speak to an elephant in the room. An elephant that will crush you if you try to expose it. The elephant: That women, who deliver their children to an abortionist, are not victims. That they are not victims but murderers. Perpetrators, at the least they are accessories to murder.That children being delivered over to be slaughtered are not “choices” but they are sacrifices.

Some will say, that I am being hyperbolic. That I am being insensitive. I wished that was the case. I would gladly concede to exaggeration or harshness, if that were the case, but abortion is very much an altar of sacrifice. The sacrifice is made by the babies. Much like the ancient practice of those that would offer their children to the false god of Molech. The ancients in heating up this idol of Molech, with fire to the point of glowing, then would bring their newborn babies, putting them on the arms of the idol, then would watch them burn to death. This sacrifice was for the parents to have gains in wealth and or status. Except for the little issue of the mother delivering her child to the altar still safely in her womb, burned and mutilated and not laid on the red hot altar, we won’t quibble on this tiny difference. Both horrific, we can agree.

Molech: False god

Fast forward to our abortion age. Roe was ushered in 1973 and there were 744,000 reported abortions.  Let that sink in. Roe is adopted in January 1973 and 744,000 are sacrificed that year. That very year. They were chopping at the bit to sacrifice their children. Sacrificed to the idols they worshipped. Idols such at education, adultery, fornications, so called freedom, deceit. I know that word “sacrificed” is uncomfortable and harsh, but it is gospel truth. When blood is shed of a child through abortion, that blood was wrought for the idols of that mother and father.

Michelle Williams (actress) spoke truth in her acceptance speech. It was nightmarish, but it was truth. She wanted the golden statue- she wanted the (globe) world. She got it. And she was pleased. She wanted everyone to know that her baby had to be sacrificed to that idol, the World. She could not contain herself. She was beaming. She had to tell the world that her false god had delivered on her sacrifice of blood, the blood of her child. She did not weep, she was not remorseful or regretful, she was full of glee. She was full of pride. She had made it to the place. The place of wealth and status. Molech-Abortion had delivered.

So many pro-lifers that believe all women are “victims” in the murder of their child , are giving her a pass. Of course they are. They say things like “she is covering her pain” “she will regret it later” “the poor thing was coerced or forced”. “A man must have forced her” I would like to ask them one question, “would they ever use these same excuses for a rapist or a murderer of a born person.” ?They would not. Why is it that the murder of a baby by his/her mother, the mother is shown partiality over the child?

This woman, actress Michelle Williams is not a victim. No she is not. She plainly laid out her “choice to sacrifice” and why. We can see her in the video, idol in hand. Smile on her face. She made it. She is basking.

What should be our response to women who kill their babies by abortion? Firstly, what we should not do is coddle or blame someone else for their sin. If a mother , father and whoever else may be accessories, must come to a place where they own their own sin. This is humility. There is forgiveness for the sin of abortion. Christ saves sinners. He saves repentant sinners. Humbled repentant sinners. And just because there is saving grace for those that have had an abortion, that does not mean it should be legal. There is forgiveness for repentant rapists and murderers of born people but we would never want or think those crimes should be legal, but we give a pass for the murder of the innocent and voiceless among us. Why?

We should fight for the babies being led to the slaughter. We should fight for the criminalization of abortion. This must end. Abortion-murder belongs in the dark back alleys. Murder should never be safe and rare. It should never be legal or regulated. Murder should not been on our street corners in broad daylight, giving approval to the deeds of darkness for the world to see, that we know are inside that building.

We must remember to view abortion the way God views it. He hates it. A country that slaughters the most innocent among us, we cannot expect blessing, but only cursing from God.We are not a Christian country. We as Christians, so many times want to push this under the rug. Fly the flag and “vote” or identify as “pro life”. We are a people of unclean lips. We are afraid to offend man, but not God. To offend or cause a stir, is frowned upon. When it is written that Christ offended and caused quite a stir. Lord, help us to repent. Babies are slaughtered every day in this country. Over 3,500 of them. Sacrificed by their mothers and fathers. Where is our outrage? Where is our weeping and grieving for these innocent ones? When will we stop making excuses for those that are taking these innocent ones to the altar to be sacrificed?

God has not made abortion a “sacred sin” but to be frank so many that profess Christ, have. Reasons range from: they know someone that had an abortion, they paid for an abortion, feminized church (don’t want to offend). ect….Those are just a few of the reasons Christians are silent. We can safely say that our silence is essentially our approval.

Unspoken rule : “We know the babies are sacrificed,we must be silent and not speak of the evil that was done to them. To speak of this evil is taboo and not kind. Women are victims. Speaking of this will hurt them. Women have suffered enough in abortion.” This is called apathy, and it is evil. God hates this.

Michelle Williams, there is forgiveness for you and it is found in Jesus Christ. Jesus has told us to Repent and believe the Gospel. That Christ came into the world and lived a perfect sinless life and he willingly went to a Cross, His blood offered and received as Just reconciliation for man, to God. Christ was buried and on the third day He rose again, to sit at the Right hand of the Father. One day, as 100% of people do, we will die and will stand before the Living God. You either stand before Him with your own righteousness, which you have none. Or you stand before God with His White Robe of Righteousness put on your shoulders by the King of Kings, Christ. You then will be seen through Christ’s righteousness and His sacrifice on the Cross. And He has promised that those who repent and believe in Him will have everlasting life with Him.

Jesus says to all those that are burdened and heavy laden (with sin) that He will give you rest. He will take your burdens, that you do not have to bear them no more. There is no fear in Him That in Him you can find Peace.

Things to think about:

  1. False gods have had 61 million babies, just in American (only those reported) sacrificed to them.
  2. Women that kill their children by abortion are and have never been victims. Their victims are murdered
  3. We must stop ignoring the slaughter in our midst. We must plead with God to have mercy on us and raise up those men to end this slaughter in our land. To rescue those being led to death.

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  1. I think of Psalms 139… about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made, how the days fashioned for us was recorded in a book before we lived the first day .Psalms 102vs18 refers to future generations as a people yet to be created. So we are individually created and special to the LORD.

  2. May the Lord grant a sorrow that will lead to repentance and bring about the overturn of Roe vs Wade so our country is not under the cyrse of this horrific sin.

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