Will You Go Or Must I?

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Deep down, we still want men to lead.  Though it has become politically incorrect to define gender roles or even say that gender exists, we not only long for gender distinctions (manly men and womanly women) but our society craves the traits they bring, the cultivated fires of hearth and home and the unyielding edge of warriors born for battle.  …

How The Pro-Life Movement Hates Women

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The National March for Life is being held today. The town of Washington DC has been preparing for over a week for the festivities. I say, festivities because it is a celebration. Abby Johnson and all the big-name pro-lifers, will be in attendance. Some of these pro-life celebs have been enjoying taking smiley selfies in front of the White House …

“12 considerations” on CHOOSING AN ABORTION PROVIDER

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Patte Smith – Sanctuary Ministries (30 Year Sidewalk Counselor @ Abortion Mills) I am on the mailing list of a couple of “pro-life” organizations. When I receive correspondence from them, it is always to get me to give them money. They use a lot of modern church-culture “God-words” to make them seem religious. But, when they give accounts of their …

Are Mothers the Second Victim of Abortion?

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By Rusty Thomas Director Operation Rescue In the great struggle to establish justice and end the suffering of the preborn, certain fallacies have arisen to convince the church and pro-life movement to not properly act on their belief that abortion should be stopped. Chief among them is the second victim mentality. This falsehood presents the mother as well as the …

Boundaries of Peace

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Feminism is the force that has been smashing boundaries for decades in our culture. Yet boundaries are the very thing required for societal peace and proper bonds. The crisis that is feminism eliminates boundaries of natural authority, putting women in positions which they lack strength for and turning marriage into a rowboat with two people pulling at different angles. But …

The Sacrificial Altar: Babies Must Be Murdered

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There is an actress named Michelle Williams and she recently won a Golden Globe award. A Golden Globe award is a Hollywood accolade that gives actors and those connected with film making honor and a great deal of prestige. I had to look that up. It fits perfectly with a Biblical perspective on It is literally a golden statue of …

Dear Abby,

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“If we allow some children to die because of certain circumstances, then we become eugenecists. No better than Hitler.” – Abby Johnson

Prodigal Children, Weakness & Our Hope

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I remember when my children were small, and I would hear older parents ask for prayer for their children not walking with the Lord. And I could see this would grieve them greatly. I would hear them in the peripheral of conversations. In my immaturity, I would think they must have done something wrong. In my immaturity I could not …

Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliot

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The first woman was made specifically for the first man, a helper, to meet, respond to, surrender to, and complement him. God made her from the man, out of his very bone, and then He brought her tothe man. When Adam named Eve, he accepted responsibility to “husband” her—to provide for her, to cherish her, to protect her. These two people together represent …

A Woman’s Mandate by Elisabeth Elliot

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When speaking to a group of pastors’ wives I learned that 80 percent of them were working full time outside of the home. I was shocked. Is it wrong for a pastor’s wife—or any other wife—to have a job? There is another question that should be asked first: Has God said anything about women’s work? The consensus among Christians seems to be …