Jen Wilkin: A Wolf in Hens Clothing

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Jen Wilkin introduced an article on The Gospel Coalition website in 2015 (The article will be linked at the end of this post) titled “3 Female Ghosts That Haunt the Church”. It was unsettling and disturbing on so many levels. Disturbing that she has been able to go under the radar in the church and espouse such wicked teaching, unimpeded and applauded. That she is called to churches to teach in this manner.

I was disturbed when I read this blog post over 2 months ago, as a young lady in our FB group had introduced it to the group. After reading it, I became very grieved and saddened. Disheartened even. Then I read it again, and again. And each time my resolve to respond became greater. Each time I would read it, line by line, scripture rebuking her very words were prevalent in my mind. It angered me so much, to be honest.My righteous anger was at her ease of teaching so much deception, delivered as if it was truth. Ladies, in the teaching of Jen Wilkin, we have a wolf dressed like a hen, pleading with Pastors and leaders in the church to stop obeying scripture in all their interactions with women. This is serious. Very serious.

To be fair, Jen Wilkin is a very good writer. I admire her writing skill. I really like her writing style. She is a very talented writer and speaker. That being said, those things can be harmful talents in the hands that mishandle scripture. I have to say that while she intended for her readers to receive this blog post as a reality, it is nothing more than fiction. Fiction in that it does not in any way reflect the teaching of God’s Holy Word. It does in fact run completely contrary to the Word. This blog post “3 Ghosts” assumes to a great extent the she is speaking to an audience that will readily receive her message as truth, because it is wrapped in such a cultural context. Not in biblical context at all.

Let me clarify that there are weak women out there. Very weak women, I once was one, and we can be led astray. Very easily. These women may be new believers or even long-time believers that her words sound especially appealing to them. Their struggle may be thinking Biblically about roles of husband and wife. Male and female. These are unsuspecting women, ripe for the feminist teaching of Jen Wilkin. Especially, if a woman has been wronged by a man and she leans toward feminism, Jen Wilkins words will find fertile ground to land and take root.

Jen Wilkin starts her blog post by setting up her Pastor, as not having any of these “ghosts” Her fictional ghosts are describes as “Usurper, Seductress and Child”. These ghosts are women that have been misunderstood and mistreated in the Church by Church leaders and men in general. She goes on to detail that her Pastor “draped her in a friendly hug” and he “reflected back what I was saying”. And that her Pastor “fully looked her in the eyes”. This is the the Wilkins standard, not biblical standard, but her standard as set up in her article. Stating that her Pastor nor his office was harboring any of these “ghosts” Implying this is how it should be. This is how a Pastor should conduct himself. That if he does not, he is harming women in his church. No scripture is employed or implied. Her basis for this standard? It surely is not scripture. Portraying her Pastor as being right with the world. And in part, I would have to agree, His actions would be right in a feminist world, but contrary to God’s Word.

In saying that her Pastor gives her “a friendly hug” should be our first red flag. Why would she want her Pastor to give her a hug in the first place?But, I digress. Forgive me. Back to the hug.

So how “friendly of a hug” was that? By Jen’s own admitted ability of expertise to speak on sexual abuse, she herself didn’t find anything wrong with that hug, obviously. She didn’t feel threatened or sexually assaulted, or even weird. She obviously “felt” good about this hug. But, Jen is not every woman, is she?

What if another woman hadn’t “felt ” the same way? What if a woman did find that “friendly hug” uncomfortable? Or found it “creepy”. Because every woman interprets their experiences differently, right? What is exactly the definition of a “friendly hug”? Would that “friendly hug” then be sexual harassment? What if it made a woman “feel” like there was more attached to that hug? It felt icky, perhaps, to the next woman. Do you see what I am saying? Feelings. Subjective, fallible feelings.

First the “friendly hug” and the next thing you have is that Pastor’s life in turmoil because of this “friendly hug” was interpreted as sexual assault/harassment . Why? Because it is not using wisdom or godly behavior for a Pastor or any male in leadership to give women “friendly hugs”. Other than their wives, of course.It’s hard to believe that there is a woman teaching this in the Church. While the world has always denied original sin and God’s order, now we have those within our midst, in the church using the same arguments as the world. And ultimately their origin is from the Father of Lies.

Jen Wilkins sees in her “3 Ghosts” a hinderance for men and women to grow in the Church, that the leaders have had it all wrong these 2000 years. That scripture when it calls men, leaders to be “above reproach” that should be disregarded. She does not say that, but it is implied. Jen is a woman that speaks out of both sides of her mouth. She says she is a complementation but she is not. She is a feminist, egalitarian. Much the same way Professor Lopez was fired from a Baptist Seminary recently, that says they uphold biblical sexuality, but fire Professor Lopez because of his testimony of God redeeming him from homosexuality is not permitted. They speak out of both sides of their mouth. Folks want to dabble in all this “nuance” nonsense , leaving false teaching to dig its heels in even deeper.

What does “Above reproach” mean, anyway? Well, we can see what Scripture conveys “Above reproach : such that no criticism can be made; perfect.

So, in the true meaning, biblical meaning, we would want to conduct our lives as men and women of God as to where no criticism could be made. No question or accusation can be made. Above reproach.

 An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach – 1 Timothy 3:2

And in practicing being “above reproach” it is not wise for Pastors to give women “friendly hugs”. Not wise at all. In fact, another male or a 2nd female should be in the room, when a Pastor or a male leader is speaking with a woman, other than his wife. It is wise for them to conduct themselves in a manner that can be interpreted by all, and I mean all, as a man of good upright godly, character. What Wilkin describes in her Pastor, is not a character of displaying actions of being beyond reproach, in his behaviors toward female members. Sadly, her Pastor leaves his actions to be interpreted by different women and their “feelings” at the time. Not wise at all. And not surprising that Wilkins church has had two sexual assault accusations in the last year, alone. This is a church leaving itself bare and not practicing to live “above reproach”.

Wilkin’s fictional “ghosts” don’t exist as ghosts at all, but rather a stark warning of how strong the feminist influence has infiltrated the church. How determined the feminist movement in all of its “intersectionality” to take evangelicalism and plant their victory flag. A testament to how feminism can influence weak men to deny the clear teaching of God’s Word. We must be wise as serpents and as gentle as doves, when dealing with this covert attack on the church.But we must not cower and ignore ,or abide with false teaching in our midst.

The ground is being given up every day. We see men fall to culture at a rapid pace. These usurpers don’t think twice about moving forward, taking more and more ground. With little, to no resistance. It is all very simple. Women are not to be leaders in the church. Women are not to be in authority over men. Women are not to teach men.Women are to submit to their own husbands and be quiet in the Church.

Scripture does accommodate older women teacher younger women, as I am doing here with this post. That is for younger women to be keepers of the home and lovers of their husband and children. They in no way should be usurping men’s roles that God has set forth in the Word, His order, very clearly.

While there have been gross failures in professing men of God concerning sexual sins in the church, this is not a surprise. All the more in this sin soaked world we would desire to protect and uphold biblical ,godly character .We live in a fallen, broken world. Changing the order that God has ordained is not the answer to the problems in the Church. The problem is sinful men not God’s Word or order. Attempting to change God’s order has only wrought a confusion in the church, of roles of man and woman. This is not scripture’s doing this is the doing of unfaithful men, that thought they would abide with the world and reject God’s order.

It would seem that this is so simple but it appears that with the world screaming things like “my body my choice” “women can be men” “men can have periods” “men can have babies” you are going to have some of that spill over into the church. And has it, ever.

Jen Wilkins is not alone, she joins Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers, Paula White and so many more feminists working to do just what God had said in the Garden. That women would desire to rule over man. Wilkins has found a home church, a Pastor that supports her in scripture twisting, feminism.

And sadly, to be honest I used to respect her Pastor very much, but he has gone the way of the Social Justice Warrior crew, and feminism is on that same train. So, hear that train horn, hear her roar. She will not be shut down because she has a mandate by a “celebrity” Pastor that has obviously increased in his Cultural Marxist Agenda and in doing so, Christ has decreased and is used as merely an excuse to push extra biblical doctrine, in his ministry. So, disheartening to watch this downgrade continue at break neck speed.

Wilkin is a very good example of a bible twisting, manipulative, loud woman. She uses her skill of writing to pull in weak women to believe contrary to scripture. And she does a wonderful job of painting a picture of these ghosts that plague these poor, deceived men in the church. These poor men that need to throw out all of scripture and listen to her. That her way is the “better” way. That women have long been oppressed by men in the Church and “it must change”. And the men in her leadership are silent and supportive to this behavior, laying aside the duty that God has entrusted to them.

Her teaching promotes inappropriate female/male relationships in the church. She shuns scriptural warnings of personal conduct and behavior. Her teachings are dangerous. Jen Wilkin manipulates weak men in her church to accept a way that seems right to her but leads to destruction. These men follow Mrs. Wilkin. It is so grievous.

I will warn anyone that is teaching her material in their women’s studies to promptly cease immediately. Do your due diligence and purge this teaching from your midst.

2For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good,4treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. 6For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions, 7always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.- 2 Timothy 3:2-7 

You see, Wilkin in her writing of fiction seeks and promotes “leadership” roles for women in the Church. She throws out Scripture in her quest for “leadership only women can provide” She has been quoted as saying that male leadership cannot understand women in abuse situations. I really laughed on that one, being a former sexual abuse victim. I in no way wanted the counsel of a woman. I wanted and need rational, sound, scriptural counsel. I wanted biblical counseling that brought me through my victimhood to victory in Christ. As a former feminist I know that women tend to be partial to women and make men the villain.And in sexual abuse cases men are villains, but if we can find peace in Christ and seek only to stay a victim, our abuser continues to have power over us. Feminism likes to keep women victims, exacting a type of revenge that does not heal but further causes the victim to become embittered and hateful.

And please, before you think that this is nit picking over a personal teaching, counseling or mentoring preference, let me explain why this is a dangerous way of thinking. Jesus Christ is a man, in His glorified and resurrected body. He is seated at the right hand of the Father ruling and reigning. He is the Head of the church universal, His own bride that He has purchased with His blood. He has established the governance of His church. His pastors are under-shepherds that have been given charge to guard and keep the flock. These under-shepherds are men, as God Himself has established in His Word. Scripture tells us that Jesus was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He is near to us in our furnaces of affliction – of whatever sort those may be.

We can trust Christ with our sorrows and grief, and we can trust that the pastors that He has delegated authority to watch over our souls are very fit to care for our spiritual needs – even abuses that we may endure. To reject the care of our pastors in our deepest needs is to effectively reject Christ himself. Pastors are the gifts that Christ has appointed to His church for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of ministry concerning the needs of His bride. To promote teaching contrary to this is deny Christ and scripture. Wilkin shows herself to be a feminist, by her own words. She has not hidden this or backed down from it. She teaches contrary to scripture. She is egalitarian.

When we began to develop the concept for this blog, our number one concern, our paramount desire was that God would be glorified in older women proclaiming and teaching to younger women the beautiful and perfect order of Biblical Patriarchy. That no matter the attack or the subject matter that this blog would stay always true to Holy Scripture and not cave to culture or to please man(woman). And we pray God gives us the Grace and wisdom to always do so.

Patriarchy has become a very bad word in the world, and since the 1980’s (Thank you, Wayne Grudem & co) it’s has and is becoming a very bad word even in the evangelical world. And as this blog post by Jen Wilkin displays, even in the supposedly conservative, bible believing Church. It sickens me, and I pray it sickens you, sisters. I pray it sickens you and emboldens you to rightly divide scripture, don’t be led by the female wolves that are tearing down Christ’s Church. There are plenty and they are emboldened by weak men, that by their actions they apologize for what God has already said. In essence, their way is “better, more expedient” pragmatic. Their way displays the love of the 11th commandment- “Thou shall be nice.” Let us always stay faithful to our God and His Word and not shy away from leading weak women away from teaching that is a danger to their very souls.

Jen Wilkin brings and others like her reproach to Christ.

Jen Wilkins The Gospel Coalition Blog Post: 3 Female Ghosts That Haunt the Church

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  1. There are so many people who do not see the feministic world view shaping her teachings these recent years…thank you so much for this post exposing her errors! It is so important we don’t just take someone’s words as truth just because they have been so conservative and solid in the past.

  2. After doing several of Jen Wilkin’s studies, and listening to her teaching over the years, I gradually began noticing red flags pop up. And over time, more and more began popping up. I started questioning her authenticity. It wasn’t until I read this post that it (with discernment from God) solidified my questioning. Thank you for bolding exposing the darkness with the truth and for your courage in posting this so that others may begin to see her fruit and, in turn, stay away from her false teachings.

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