Feminists Seek to Destroy and Rewrite Scripture

Shellie Uncategorized

I will have to give my apologies.

I will not be giving an in depth review of this book. I feel to do so would violate my conscience.In giving a review on this book I would be furthering the very poison of feminism.

All I will say about this book is we do have many among us #enemieswithin that seek to destroy Church, Marriage and family. They seek to throw down what God has said and trample on His Word. To interject their opinions and worldly teachings to fit their god that have made with their own hands. Namely, themselves. This book is a perfect example of this.

And that is what feminists do. And this book is a perfect example of a woman reinterpreting scripture to fit her own ideals. She has constructed a god that she can worship. The true God of scripture must submit to her. She lacks fear of God and I fear for her soul.

If you do pick this up, my counsel to you:

  1. Read your bible
  2. Believe it
  3. Throw this book in the garbage