Babies are Still Murdered Here – a review

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Almost immediately upon becoming a Christian, with a new heart, I came to believe that abortion was wrong. I held a good moral opinion. I even knew to call it murder – that it is the unjust killing of a person. A person in the womb of their mother. A person having committed no crime worthy of being punished with a death sentence. I was glad that I thought that. I also thought, somewhat indoctrinated by Christianity at large ( and I would now argue trained by the world ) that the pro-life movement, did everything necessary to bring abortion to an end. I thought that they fulfilled my God given duty and obligation to fight for children being lead away to death. I was apathetic to the plight of the dying and the pro-life movement lulled me into a false sense of security. They must be Christian after all because the ‘church’ everywhere supports them. Prayerfully, monetarily, vocally. They said I could trust in them because they knew how to win the fight, and even more they were doing it the ‘right way’. They could end this because they understood how laws work, so I didn’t need bother with worrying my pretty little head. Eventually they would overturn Roe v. Wade by chipping away at it for…well, over 40 years now with no end in sight. Anyway- just leave the fighting to the professionals.

Then I saw a documentary, called Babies are Murdered Here. And it’s short companion Who Will Stand. These woke me up, they grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me out of my apathy. I learned by them that I actually had to get out and fight. That I as one who bears the name of Jesus Christ was duty bound to enter this battle. Several years later that battle brings me to the viewing of the second documentary Babies are Still Murdered Here. This movie will open your eyes to the deception of the pro-life movement, and draw you to action.

Babies are Still Murdered Here touches on some very specific topics, the overall emphasis pointing to the criminalization of abortion in our land. Early in the film is pastor Jeff Durbin is speaking with three pro abortive women on the topic of murdering children in the womb. They acknowledge that these are babies/children, and they refer to them several times as such, and then proceed to agree that it is their choice to kill them. Make no mistake the victims of the abortion holocaust are over 60 million dead children. The victims are NOT the persons that hire the abortionist to dismember them in the womb. This is the premeditated killing of their own child. Abortive mothers and fathers are NOT the second victim. This film exposes the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement that has trained us to think that the people that murder their own children are also victims of abortion.

In the technologically advanced time that we live in science has revealed that the life growing in the womb is a human in an early stage of development. Even pro aborts agree with this. However science does not establish morality. Neither does society. Science is morally empty and does not convince that it is wrong to kill human life in the womb. Babies are Still Murdered Here shows repeatedly that our morality can only come from God and His Word. Stating that we must have transformation of hearts by the gospel-reformation.

This gospel reformation is not just to the abortive mother and father, or the abortionist. This reformation must take place in our churches, among the members and with our pastors. Many Christians are fast asleep while the pro-life establishment fights the good fight. Babies are Still Murdered Here demonstrates, out of the mouths of their own leaders the logical fallacy of refusing to call abortion murder. Admitting to not bring laws that fully oppose the legal exceptions for the homicide of abortion. The pro-life movement refuses to call abortion murder and in this they fully agree with the pro-aborts. Church, children of Christ, we must be different. We must have a reformation that returns to biblical standards not changing moral laws.

We can not sort out justice with the unbelieving world. The unbelieving world includes the Roman Catholic Church, that is not the answer to the ‘issue of life’ that we have lazily handed over to them. The unbelieving world gives us excuses and false categories for why abortion must at least in some cases remain legal and not ever be considered murder because women may face ‘enormous pressure’ from parents, husbands, or boyfriends, ‘job loss’ is possible. Olivia Gans Turner director of the American Victims of Abortion (FYI, the mothers and fathers of abortion as victims, not the babies) of National Right to Life, and Carol Tobias also of National Right to life each echo this evil immoral sentiment. Olivia Gans Turner says no one in the pro-life movement has ever intimated that the mothers or fathers are murderers.

If we do not call this murder, there can be no justice. Carol Tobias says that National Right to Life is not any kind of a religious or faith based organization (but they fleece the flock and bilk our churches for money – maybe more on that another day) we are living in a secular world that doesn’t care, people don’t read the Bible or know that God created life (which is a lie, see Romans chapters 1 and 2) She says all of this as a reason to work from a scientific or human rights basis rather than a moral basis as to why we must not murder children in the womb. Carol Tobias says ‘we (pro-life industry) don’t address it (abortion) from a religious perspective.

Pastor Jon Speed says rightly in the film ‘we don’t need the pro-life movement’. We need churches mobilized that are equipped with the gospel. God doesn’t need big numbers. God doesn’t need all of society convinced. God doesn’t need the pro-life movement that is more hostile to ending abortion than courts are. He doesn’t need us to make decisions based off of what we think might put a chink in their arm our. He doesn’t need us to take battle for battle hoping to slowly win the war. He needs us, me, you, His children, His church to rise up, stand only on the His Word, and set our faces like flint, going forth in His name, proclaiming His truth and say ‘No more!’ Jim Bopp of National Right to Life rightly states in the film that God will do it in His time. Of course he is using this argument as a reason for why we should Not abolish abortion. But, God will do it in His time, when His church moves to action and stops handing over their duty to the ungodly secular pro-life establishment. If Christians will rise up, awake from their apathy, stop trusting in mans means, stop trusting in pro-life bills and the pro-life leaders that have failed for 46 years, and take up God’s strategy. Stand fearlessly and boldly on the Word of God and say thus saith the Lord, thou shalt not murder. Period.

Our God hates murder -Zach Morgan

Do your duty, trust God – Rusty Thomas

It’s your job now. You can no longer say that you did not know. It’s time for you to take up the mantle. It’s time. Go-

What’s your legacy?

What side of history will you be on?

How will you answer God in the day of judgement?

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