Feminism Feeds This Sex Obsessed Culture

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8For man does not originate from woman, but woman from man; 9for indeed man was not created for the woman’s sake, but woman for the man’s sake. 1 1 Corinthians 11: 8-9

As Christians we sometimes are tempted to yearn for a simpler time a time of white picket fences, mothers with aprons and dad coming home to children excitedly greeting him at the door. Not to say these things don’t still happen , but we all know they are not common place anymore.Today on the plains of the culture is two income families, daycares, and public schools. Sadly, even in the Church

And why is that? Well, Feminism is the single biggest reason for the decline in the family and even the destruction of the family. Feminism has had its sites on the godly order of the family since the beginning of time. In the Garden. With Eve, the mother of humanity. She is not only credited with being the first woman. She is the first woman to be disobedient to God.

3But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ- 1 Corinthians 11-3

Eve’s disobedience brought the curse and with the curse came sin on all men and women to follow. In Eve’s disobedience God has said that “her desire would be to rule over her husband” And here we have the story of the world. Sin demands a slave. We either serve God as Master or we serve sin as master. Feminism rejects God as the Master and at the same time desires to be god.Feminism and those who ascribe to its tenets serve sin. Feminism is sin against God.

Feminism takes and takes, it never gives. It takes from families, communities and even churches. Feminism pretends and even furthers a false narrative, that it is all about “equality”. But Christian women know better. We know we are equal in our humanity to men as God made us, but differ greatly in our roles in the hierarchy of godly Patriarchy. Patriarchy in the truest biblical sense is an order of protection and leadership that belongs to the male in the family. As the head. He protects, leads, and provides.

And then to the contrary, we have feminism that was really getting its “teeth” by the beginning of the 20th century. The women’s suffrage, as they called it, eluded to “suffering” that women had suffered. And this protesting was mainly done by liberal, feminists that were not Christians, but focused on an agenda that was and is contrary to biblical teaching. Christian women didn’t care about feminism, or equal “rights”, they were at home loving their husbands and children.They were honoring God in their marriages and their husbands were providing and protecting them. They were focused on God’s order and not the rebellion that was brewing in the culture.

One of these feminists was Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she worked very closely with Susan B Anthony. Mrs, Stanton authored the “Women’s Bible” a rewrite of scripture with every scripture removed that referred to what God had said about women and their roles in the family. Well this was too radical for feminist Susan B Anthony and she distanced herself from Mrs. Stanton. And the reality was and is that Mrs. Stanton plainly displayed the real crux of feminism when she wrote there blasphemous “bible”.

By the 2nd World War, women were entering the workforce in droves and feminist were elated. Another false narrative began to take shape- sexism, misogyny, and Reproductive rights. We will focus on the so called “reproductive rights” as it is called. Which is a fancy term for abortion on demand. For the right to kill a baby whenever they want. See here is the crux of feminism. In all of its “intersectionality” of feminism ,this will never be mentioned. I take that back, the boldness in the feminist today, they will proudly proclaim that they want the right to kill their babies.

The core of feminism is the same core of every sin that seeks to dethrone our Most High, God Almighty. The core of feminism is that women can be , do and act like a man in every conceivable area, but there is a problem they must deal with pushing this false “equality” men don’t carry and birth babies. God created women bodies specifically for this purpose. To conceive, grow, birth , nurture, and nurse her offspring. And to feminism this is the point at where they must shake their fists at God and say “we will not accept our roles in the godly order, we will kill the offspring that you have given us”.

Feminism cannot hide the biological differences God has ordered and since men are not given this ability to give life, their only solution to what they see as a “problem” is to be able to kill that problem and force their “equality in all things” false narrative. Feminists know they are not men, nor can they ever be men. But this will not stop the quest they are on to control the narrative and man.

This narrative that feeds the sex obsessed culture as well as rape. Since, feminisms foothold in the early 1940’s we have steadily seen a sharp increase in rape and abuse of women. Now why would objectification of women and children be worse, severely worse because of feminism? Why would women who reject God’s perfect order of protection and provision? Why would women to this to their detriment?

Let’s go back to that picket fence and mama wearing an apron and daddy coming home to welcoming wife and children, for a bit. In these times in the early 1940’s most women were not affected by the workings of feminism. Feminists were just looked at as women that hated men, or a harlots. Women were busy raising their families and loving their husbands, especially Christian women. Women were under the protection of their husbands. They would not got out late at night, or be sexually active before marriage. Their husband protected them.

As our county approached the 1960’s we saw a sharp rise in sexual assaults on women and colleges and back alley abortions. What had changed? Women’s “rights” was heating up, women were going to college, attending parties unprotected.Walking at night alone. And sexual assaults were rising rapidly. Sexual revolution lended us women supposedly liberated in multiple sex partners and lots and lots of murdered babies by abortion. Calling that “freedom” but a woman serving her own husband and loving her children is referred to as being in “bondage”

Here we are in the 21st century and we can look back at the destruction and the feminists still want more. They want more ground, they want the church. They are coming for the Church and they will either have their agenda validated or you will be named among the likes of the Westboro Baptist Crew. And nobody wants that, and they know that.

Patriarchy , the Godly order has always sought to protect women before they are married as fathers and after they are married as husbands. Feminism protects no women, the born or the preborn. It teaches women that they shouldn’t invest in one man and raise godly seed, but to be independent of man is “equality”. This is the rejection of the Godly order and the rejection of God. We find over and over in Scripture that obedience brings blessing and disobedience brings curses.

Our mission field is right here in America. How much more pagan can a country be? Just because it wears different clothes and is less prosperous does not make that country more in need of the gospel. If we don’t start evangelizing our communities and soon, we will no doubt see our Church evangelized by the Social Justice , Feminist, Critical Race Theorists. We start evangelizing or we certainly will deserve what is going to surely come. Light cannot overtake the darkness if it is being hidden under a basket.

14“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; 15nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.- Matthew 5:14-16

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  1. Feminism is the root and justification for a range of sins but to my mind the rationalisation of the sin of birth control is ultimately its most destructive force.

  2. quick nitpick, the word suffrage has nothing to do with suffering. The word suffrage just means “the right to vote in political elections” it is used in other contexts aside from womens suffrage.

  3. quick nitpick, The word suffrage has nothing to do with suffering, all it means is “the right to vote in political elections”

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