The Doctrine of Balaam (Book Review)

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This book(The Doctrine of Balaam)  does not pull any punches. Pastor Cali lays out a polemic (a strong verbal or written attack on someone or something) against the secular pro-life movement. To encourage Christians to reject the lies of the pro-life movement and move to a biblical thinking on abortion and the outlawing of it.

This book Is for Christians. We must think about and act on the holocaust of abortion as “Thus says the Lord”. And ignore the whispers of the Pro-life movement incremental strategy in “Did God Really say”?  For 46 years we have played on the pro-life movements field. With every punt, we would think it would be coming to an end but alas…there is no end game in the secular pro-life movement for abortion. It is a constant succession of “We are winning” and nothing actually changes. Ever.

Here we sit at more than 61 million babies slaughtered by permission of mothers and fathers. How could we in good conscience even attempt to call that “winning”? 

Why have we, as Christians adopted a secular pro- life mindset, when our minds should be that of Christ’s? We should reject the faulty arguments of the secular pro-life movement that says as the serpent “Has God really said”? And speak to the world with confidence “Thus Says the Lord” The first deception, smoke and mirrors, false premise.The latter, speaks of absolute Truth. 

Pastor Cali shows the faulty secular logic in the pro- life movements talking points seeking to label the women who get abortions as the “second victim”. Mind you, this woman makes the appt and pays the abortionist to kill her baby, but she is viewed as a victim. The majority of the fundraising done by pro-life orgs is done with emphasis on the tragedy of the mother and her “regret or coercion”. This is very lucrative for pro-life orgs.

On the other side of the coin you have abolition, which calls for the immediate ban, criminalization of all abortion. Abolition is the only godly response to the holocaust.

Excerpts: “What does genuine neighbor look like? It looks like obedience to God’s commands…. There is no biblical justice apart from or outside of God’s commandments.”

“By stepping off the potency of the Word of God, we have empowered sinful faith and practice. We have emboldened the sinner with our lack of instruction, correction, rebuke and restoration. Revival must come with repentance……let us love the church and her members by calling them to repent and then faithfully encouraging them and walking with them in it, bearing their burdens-be they abortionist, workers, women who kill their children, men who support them or participate in the murder, legislators, or other lesser magistrates who fail to apply justice.”

As the Church it is our duty to end. We as Christians must turn, repent of our secular pro-life ideology and adopt and pursue to act on ending this slaughter. 

Christian, you need this book. If you truly want to honor God in seeking to end the slaughter of the preborn we must hear what God says on everything in our lives and obey Him.

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