Trust God in the Small Things

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Ever have on of those days, where your husband has made a decision that he didn’t even ask for your input on for something that will directly impact your life and it is directly opposite of how you thought a situation should have been handled? (asking for a friend) This is an area of faith and life where I have a difficult time being content in all things.

The funny thing about that is, the God that I love with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength has no problem not consulting me before changing plans for ‘my’ life. And God has put me in some situations that have been pretty far outside of my comfort zone, more like out of my galaxy, if I do say so myself. He up and moved me from my work, friends and life immediately upon salvation. He brought me to a house, that I grew to love, then when I really got roots in the ground, He upheaved from that house, moved me into a travel trailer so that my pastor husband and I could go back and forth to minister at an abortion clinic. None of this was really my idea of living the dream. But, God hadn’t asked for my opinion, and I knew that it was His doing, and at times, I may have gone tearfully, but I still went. Firmly believing that no man having put his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of heaven. I just try to fix my eyes in Christ, seek Christ and His kingdom first, and move forward in His power and grace.

I began to get wise to a situation going on in my own heart (eventually) when something would come up such as I planned to make tacos for dinner, but my husband wanted spaghetti, and because this did not align with how I had planned dinner, I would be frustrated and angry. I wish I could say that this never happens any more and I’ve grown and moved past this. However, that wouldn’t be true. The truth is I’m actually kind of a control freak and I want things to be orchestrated in the mundane events of the day exactly as I have imagined them.

Because I know that God is sovereign in all things, even the minutia, I know that He has ordained the day that is playing out the way that I didn’t plan. So, if the day has been ordained by God, all of my times, how can I be mad that my husband has changed the plan? Is it not God that is controlling it? This is when it hit me…my problem was not with my husband…my problem was with God. This is me in a futile attempt to ascend His throne and rule over the times of my life, and to play right into the curse given in the garden, where I attempt to have my desires be to ordain my husband’s steps too. I don’t want to just be God of my life, I want to be God of my husband’s life too.

I learned that I was sometimes really quick (and wise in my own estimation) to hand out great advice to the women in my life and church about trusting God in all things, submitting all things to Him, marriage, children, health, finances, employment. But I actually couldn’t even trust God in my husbands idea for spaghetti for dinner.

This is a problem with God because all that He does is wise, and good. In His wisdom He has sat husbands as the head over the wife just as Christ is head over His bride, the church. We are to submit to our husband in the same way, because he is typologically Christ, and we, wives, are typologically the church. Because God sets our husbands as heads over us, we can trust that God is leading them and directing their paths. Especially for believers, as our husbands lean on the Lord, we can trust that they are depending on the Lord for wisdom and strength to lead us.

Submit your times into the Lord’s infinitely wise and loving hands. Let Him ordain your day. We make plans, but the Lord ordains our steps. We should be able to do this with joy, just as Christ endured the cross for the joy set before Him. Whatever the cross is that has been set before you, go in the strength and power of the Lord and approach it head on with joy. Die to your self and live for Him who for our sake died and was raised again. Know that things that seem to go against our plans are not out of the control of our great and mighty God. Let us say with the apostle Paul, I have learned to be content in all things.

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