Feminism: The Futile Pursuit

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Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man.-1 Corinthians 11:9

Have you notice our world is not short on selfish people? Selfish people tend to be very frustrated, and angry. People are not moving fast enough for them. People are not accommodating them. They have places to go and everyone needs to move out of the way because they have important business and they could care less about their neighbor.

Along with selfish people, hearts are growing colder and colder. We stand now at 61 million babies murdered by abortion since 1973 and that number is conservative as it does not count the abortion pill or home abortions. Why are we becoming so selfish? Why has self became an  idol? An idol that says that even a child, my child, must die for me to be happy. That is opposite from the gospel. Christ said “I die for you” Mothers today say to their preborn children “You must die for me” We should weep daily, crying out to God, for mothers to turn their hearts back to their husbands and children, being selfless and sacrificing for their little ones, instead of sacrificing their little ones to their vain pursuits and lust.

Feminists , such as Margeret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) wanted women to be loosed from the “slavery” of being a wife and mother, that women would only be free if they could have as many sexual encounters they so desired, without responsibility. Sanger felt that to be truly equal to men, women must break free of the duty of caring for husband, home and children. She saw homemaking as a slavery to men. Sanger hated men.

Fast forward to the 21stCentury and here we are. Women want sex without commitment of marriage. They do so without responsibility but not without consequences. Sex without children, if they do get pregnant, they make an appointment and their baby is scheduled to die, it’s as easy as that. No problem. Babies are parasites, the feminists say.

And so the destructive cycle continues. Over and over again. In this world this is the norm. What are we to do as Christian women? This same feminism is creeping into orthodox Christian teaching. It is very discouraging to see those that held the historical truths of Scripture crumble to the ideologies of this world. We must stand resolved to reject cultural new interpretations of scripture. This is a big red flag to me. If a woman starts with the wrong interpretation of Genesis, her whole view of scripture will be a woman centered interpretation. Feminism. Almost without fail.

Feminism says to women “you need to put yourself first, whatever you desire can be yours. Don’t let a man or children stand in your way. It is all about you” You need to live your best life.

Can you see why we have such selfishness running amok these days? “It’s all about you”. Our radar is set to “self”. No one matters as much as I do. That , ladies is a God hating doctrine. Christ laid down His life for us. Selflessness is to be our lot in life. Feminism scoffs at Christ’s sacrifice. Feminism worships a gender, their god is the female gender.

As Christians are we to be feminists? Is feminism compatible with what God has said about what a godly woman looks like. Is feminism compatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Feminism wants to erase God and His order. God has ordered the World. Feminism takes aim at God’s order and declares anarchy .Feminism shakes its fist at God. Much of the egalitarian feminism of today is contributing  in large part to the gender dysphoria of today. If we do away with God’s order, then we have sameness. Void of distinctions. People doing whatever is right in their own eyes. Men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men. Gender Chaos. The root. Feminism. Put simply, God made two genders- a man and a woman. Perfectly designed for each other. Man submits to God and woman submits to man. God’s Word is truth. God’s Word does not require disclaimers or nuance.

In the feminist world, women can do anyting men can do.Which is ridiculous. Feminists hate men. Well, I will say it this way, a feminist likes  to use men for sex, money, and anything they can get. But when they are done, they will move on to the next victim. Feminists go on and on about men objectifying women, which is only partly true. Feminists objectify men also. People in a fallen sinful world treating each other as “objects”. No surprise here. Feminists must have a villain, because they are perpetual victims. And men are to be utilized but at the same time marginalized and disrespected. The Patriarchy is to blame. And this is essentially at the root, Gods order must be abolished.

Egalitarians will say that they only want equality. In reality they want dominance. Sadly, I have seen numerous marriages fall apart from women believing the false gospel of feminism. They listen to ill chosen friends. Encouraging the wife to put down her husband, telling her she does too much and her husband does too little. They love bragging to other wives, their husband does everything and they are treated like a queen.These are friends no one needs, they thrive on stirring up strife. I will add, how sad for her husband, if what she is saying is acturally true.

 Since the suffrage movement of the 19thCentury, feminists have sought to dethrone the God of the Scriptures. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, even went as far as to write a Women’s Bible leaving out all scripture pertaining to the the service of women to their husbands. Feminists seek to rule over men, and even in the Christian church you have a form of this “feminism” thriving.

How do we avoid such error as Christian women? Don’ we long to be the women God has created us to be as a helpmate to our husbands? Don’t we want to serve the Lord, in serving our husband and caring for our children? 

Feminism puts an apple in front of women, promising happiness and fulfillment in working outside the home. And the apple soon rots and smells of the putrid  fruit it has always been. The children grow , time passes and so much is neglected and missed. When old age comes and as a feminist sits and thinks back on her life, she sees meetings and deadlines and managers. Her motherhood years are filled with people that she worked with, those she was paid to be with. I imagine she looks back and has regrets, and much sorrow. As most feminists end up alone because no man was good enough for them. Some do find submissive husbands, I have seen it. And it is a sad sad sight.

I recently read that Barbara Walters (she was a famous newcaster and was on a show called the View) was asked after retirement “What was your biggest regret”? She quickly answered “I regret not having more children” Her life was spent on vain pursuits that did not keep her company in her old age. They made her famous but at the end of her life, she regretted not having more children.She longed for children, blessings and a heritage from the Lord. She had one daughter and 3 husbands, I believe. She is now unmarried. She is a feminist. She is alone.

Feminism attempts to destroy God’s order. While, we as keepers of the home do not have perfect lives, we do seek to glorify God in our homes and marriages. As we do this prayerfully, and God blesses our efforts. We put Him first, loving our husbands and children. Displaying what God has ordered is good and profitable for the family, church and society.

Things to think about:

  1. Do you have a friend that puts down your husband? (Warn her to cease this behavior, if she does not. Be done with her.)
  2. Do you struggle with a feminist mindset?
  3. Do you view your husband and children as blessings?
  4. Have you seen marriages fall apart because of feminism? (Bossy, nagging wife. Ridicules her husband (the wife that makes excuses that “it’s just may personality”) 

“As a wife, I choose to honor my husband, not because I am weak, but because I am strong.” ~Anonymous

16To the woman He said: “I will sharply increase your pain in childbirth; You will desire your husband,band he will rule over you. – Genesis 3:16

22Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. 24Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands

Ephesians 5:22-24

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