Do Leggings Display Biblical Modesty ?

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I recently saw an article online that was written by a man, a Christian man, and it gave a mans perspective on women wearing leggings. It was a good article and it had some very good points but I don’t think it went far enough. I think Christian men today are almost afraid to speak about modesty because they know that someone, at least online, will accuse them of being a pervert. Or legalistic.

Yes, by Christian women, they will be called this. Men ,even in the church walk very softly on the subject of modesty, and why do you think that is? Well, it smells most certainly of “Christian feminism”. Now we know this “Christian Feminism” is an oxymoron, but I don’t know what else to call it.. And when it comes to modesty, men don’t touch the subject. Some venture in this area, and thank God for those men.

“Because after all, that’s legalism. Don’t tell me that my hemline is too short or my leggings are too tight. Men have the problem, it’s not my fault they have a lusting problem. How I dress is not your business, busybody. This is between me and God.”  

Sound familiar? Sadly, this is more the norm than modest and chaste behavior and dress. Christian women have been convinced by the world that leggings are perfectly modest. That older Christian women are just frumpy and can’t be more openminded about dress. 

Well firstly, most older women that are Christians do not seek to be openminded, but rather Christ, minded. There is a chasm of difference between the two. Secondly, openmindedness seeks to accommodate worldly perspectives and the Christ minded woman seeks the mind of Christ in every situation.

Christian women wearing leggings alone (other than underneath a dress) are indecent. We know that when we stand in front of the mirror , we do understand what we see. We understand that leggings do not leave anything to the imagination and pretty much a tight covering for nakedness, showing every curve. Now folks want to say it is a “heart” condition and some Christian women wear them out of ignorance. And again, we are told it is not their fault, that men lust m,while they are in them.

Let me be clear, even if not one man looked at you in your leggings and did not lust for you, you are still in sin by wearing them. The reason leggings are vulgar and indecent is not because they make men lust. No. It’s because you are walking around about as immodest as you can be-short of being naked. Gasp!!! That’s right. You are sinning by wearing leggings. I can’t determine the condition of your heart but your fruit (what folks see) is not of a chaste and modest Christian wife. Men are definitely wholly responsible for their own sin, and so are you.

Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?- Galatians 4:16

9likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, 10but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.- 1 Tim 2:9-10

To put on a pair of leggings uncovered is not displaying godly modesty, or adorning yourself in respectable apparel. You are doing the complete opposite. There is no argument that leggings are not respectable apparel. We know where this world is headed with its flagrant disregard for God’s Word. We are not to go with them. We are not to be like the world. The world is continuing to undress, more clothing gone, more skin seen.

We are to be separate, a peculiar people. That doesn’t sound fun, does it? Peculiar is strange, and different. But that is what Christ has called us to be. We are to be in the World,but not of the World. Even in our dress. Our dress should be a feminine display of modesty. That doesn’t mean frumpy at all. But it does mean concealing those parts that God has said are reserved for your husbands. And your husband only.

Dressing in a way that honors your husband, children and most importantly God. Not in a way that draws attention to yourself. This is what is pleasing to the Lord. This is our goal. To glorify our God in everything we do, say, and think. 

Yes, God cares about our how we dress. Our clothing is an outer representation of inner heart. Our dressing for the glory of God should not be a chore, but an honor. How we dress is first a heart issue. If we are defending wearing an article of clothing that is lewd, we will want to examine our hearts, on what our motivation is in doing so.

I will tell you this, God convicted me of my immodest dress through the reading of His Word. I was ashamed of myself (and my shame was good) that my motivations in my dress were not respectable, but indeed very sinful. I repented and seek to glorify my Savior and honor my husband in the way I dress. 

We must be in the Word, learning the mind of Christ, honoring Him in how we dress, and in all aspects of our lives.

Things to think about…

  1. Does my clothing bring attention to certain body parts?
  2. Am I modeling for my daughters a modest heart as well as in the way I dress?
  3.  Am I teaching my daughters that they should try to get attention by men in the way I dress?
  4. Am I teaching my boys that they should seek a wife that dresses immodestly in front of other men.

“Modesty means to be free from undue familiarity, from indecency, from lewdness, pure in thought and conduct. Speaking of modest apparel, it means decent, seemly. The opposite of modesty is conceit, boldness, immodesty, brazenness, lewdness.”

— Elisabeth Elliot

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this. As a man let me just say it’s most appreciated. God bless you and yours.!!!

  2. God made Adam and Eve without clothing, naked. Why should women feel ashamed for showing some legs? Where in the Bible does it say that wearing legging is immodest? Men in the Bible were wearing skirts and bonnets, this was mention far more than women wearing skirts. And pants was not invented back in the old testaments, men and women wore robes. Modesty is a heart issue
    And women shouldn’t be shamed for having a female form.

    1. Post

      Hi Chrissy, did you read the article? Modesty is a clothing issue. But our heart intentions are revealing to us in our dress.I used to be a very immodestly dressed woman.I loved the attention and I used to say the same as you.But then God save me and brought me to His Word. And I received all of it wholly, not to fit my tastes or cultural nuances.God nor HIs Word ever changes. Leggings can be made modest by wearing a long tunic, but that is not what were talking about here. When Adam and Eve fell and then they were ashamed of being naked. God killed the first animal to cover them. God wants us covered. He wants us to glorify Him in our dress. Dressing in a way to bring attention to yourself , that does not glorify God but yourself.Yes, modesty starts in the heart but it is played out in our dress. We can’t say “our heart is modest” and then dressed seductively. Our bodies displays what we believe about God and the World. Do we dress like the world or do we dress first for the Lord, and secondly for our husband?

  3. I believe that when you choose an outfit to wear you are also choosing the attention you want to receive from others. I am not making excuses for men because we know men are very capable of controlling their own thoughts and desires. Stop blaming women for men’s’ ungodly thoughts. However, women do play a large role in how they are preceived.

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