Contentment Amidst Reproach

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Thomas Watson, The Art of Divine Contentment, page 58: “It is a sign there is some good in you. The applause of the wicked, usually denotes some evil in us—and their censure usually imports some good in us. (Psalm 38:20) David wept and fasted, and that was turned to his ‘reproach’. (Pe. 4:14) As we must pass to heaven through the …

Contentment Through Betrayal

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“But my FRIENDS have dealt very unkindly with me and turned against me. “It is sad when a friend proves like a brook in summer. (Job 6:15) The traveler being parched with heat, comes to the brook, hoping to refresh himself—but the brook is dried up—yet be content.” (Thomas Watson, The Art of Divine Contentment, p. 53). “My companion stretched out …

Do We Desire Contentment ?

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1O LORD, my heart is not lifted up;my eyes are not raised too high;I do not occupy myself with thingstoo great and too marvelous for me.2But I have calmed and quieted my soul,like a weaned child with its mother;like a weaned child is my soul within me. ~Psalm 131:1-2 From Thomas Watson’s The Art of Divine Contentment: “To live contented upon God …

Comfort in Contentment

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From Thomas Watson’s The Art of Divine Contentment: “It shows how a Christian may come to lead a comfortable life, even and heaven upon earth, be the times what they will—by Christian contentment. The comfort of life does not consist in having much; it is Christ’s maxim, ‘a man’s life consists not in the abundance of the things which he does …

The Sickness of Discontent and it’s Cure

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From Thomas Watson’s The Art of Divine Contentment: “I see the godly man on his death-bed much discontented, andhear him complaining what will become of my wife and children when he is dead and gone. God says, ‘Trouble not yourself, be content, I will take care of your children; and let your widow trust in me.’ God has made a promise to us, that he …

God Causes Us to be Content in All Circumstances

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I will be quoting a very beloved book by Thomas Watson by the name of “The Art of Divine Contentment.” As a Titus 2 woman, married thirty-eight years, who loves the Lord above all, I cannot recommend this book enough. It will challenge you and possibly even anger you, but if your face is set like flint to honor God in all you do, think, and say, then this book, with its saturation of Scripture, will grow you …

Sweet Potato Pie

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2 cups all-purpose flour  1 teaspoon salt ⅔ cup lard 5 tablespoons ice water, more if needed Whisk flour and salt together in a large bowl. Cut in the lard with a knife or pastry blender until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Sprinkle in water, 1 tablespoon at a time, blending gently with a fork or pastry blender until all …

God Has Given Children as a Blessing to Learn How to Love Him

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One mother shared with me that the most hurtful comments have come from the church. What a failure that Christians that share this same destructive mindset and hatred for children! This shows that rather than the church pushing back darkness we are a lamp with a basket over it. If the church feels like this about children how can we expect the world to feel? How can we expect unbelievers to not want to murder their own preborn babies?